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R. Retha’s Jamaican Cart Got The DOH Shutter

r retha's crop
Some sad news from Lunch’er Yury yesterday afternoon, who sent in the above photo of R. Retha’s Cart which got the Department of Health yellow sticker treatment on Wednesday. He took it during lunchtime when the Jamaican food cart that parks at William & Beaver was getting towed away. When I walked by this morning the truck wasn’t in its spot so it looks like it’s off the streets until they fix whatever issues need fixing. To those who work in the area, please let us know if you see the cart back in its spot.

The New Year Not Being Kind To It’s A Pizza

Something seemed like it was missing while walking down John St. between Broadway & Nassau yesterday, and it turned out to be the collection of signs outside of It’s A Pizza. The dreaded yellow “closed by the Department of Health” sticker was affixed to the door, much to the dismay of a couple of guys standing outside who apparently needed pizza badly and did not know where to turn. This place had one of my favorite slices, not to mention some really good and cheap pasta so let’s hope this is not permanent. I think we’re all still smarting from the DOH shuttering of the FiDi’s only Popeye’s location. Update: They’re back open, and have added Sicilian slices to the late afternoon 99 cent slice special.

Popeye’s Gets Shuttered By The DOH


A little bit of late-lunch news for you in case you were going to get some Popeye’s for lunch today: The Fulton location near Broadway got shut down by the Department of Health, according to those yellow signs they plaster all over the front of restaurants. As I was taking the above picture, not one but two people stopped and frantically pulled at the doors to get to the chicken within, and didn’t notice the DOH stickers until I pointed them out. Something tells me this place will be as busy as ever once it reopens. Update: They’ve reopened and are sporting an “A” from the DOH in the window. It’s now safe to eat spicy fried chicken, everyone.