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Exploring The Strange World Of Wraps Within Texas Rotisserie

There are times where online delivery sites like Seamless come in handy…mostly when I am looking for a new place to try and see somewhere I never knew existed. This happened last week when I spotted something called Wrap Star that had the same address as Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton St. (btw. William & Gold).

A look at the menu showed more than 50 wrap options including vegetarian varieties, one with crab cakes and a few featuring barbequed meats. I had my eye on a wrap featuring all of the ingredients of a fried chicken dinner. See how this turned out, straight ahead!

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Texas Rotisserie Starts Serving Up $6 Meals

It’s been quite some time since I’ve hit up Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton St. (btw. William & Gold), the place where you can get jerk chicken wings and BBQ pork in one convenient location. Now, they’ve added meals for $6 to the menu, and I’ve got to say I’m likely to be lured in with the fish sandwich, chicken wings or beef bowl. Just stay away from the items involving BBQ sauce and you’ll be fine.

It’s Official: Good, Cheap BBQ Does Not Exist In The FiDi

After both Express BBQ in Tribeca and the Picnick Smoked mobile unit left us the lone remaining seller of barbequed meats (at least that I’m aware of) was Texas Rotisserie & Grill. I ate there as one of my first lunches for this site but got the rotisserie chicken and a chicken sandwich. But they also sell “Texas platters” of BBQ beef, pork or chicken and also beef brisket. I was intrigued by the brisket (and also really wanted the cheap fried chicken meal, which has nothing to do with BBQ) but instead I got the BBQ pulled pork platter ($9). This restaurant seemed to be on the same level as Dallas BBQ, but I figured I had to at least try their “real pit smoked BBQ” advertised on the front of the menu. For research, of course.

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Texas Rotisserie Is a Comfort Food Paradise


On a particularly cool and rainy day, I was in the mood for something meaty and hearty. In other words, I wanted some good old-fashioned comfort food. That was how I ended up at Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton Street – where you can get a gut bomb or a marginally “healthy” meal squarely in the Midtown Luncher price range. Read more »