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Express BBQ Goes Under

Express BBQ ClosedSound the funeral dirge; Express BBQ (27 Park Place @ Church St.), downtown’s go-to spot for barbecue (at least when Picnick Smoked isn’t around), appears to be shuttered for good.  This news comes to us courtesy of Lunch’er Andy who noticed something wasn’t quite right when he came off the E train this morning.  And Kevin only just took a closer look at this place! In Andy’s own words, “Sad day when downtown BBQ loses a venue.”  Amen to that.  I guess we’re back on the hunt for mo’ betta’ BBQ again.

Express BBQ’s Brisket is Dry but Flavorful, Mac and Cheese is a Steal

First the bad news: My return trip to Express BBQ was not as awesomely tasty as the first. Finding decent pulled pork is a huge thrill for me, however, so that would have been a tough visit to top.

The good news: Express BBQ serves up decent brisket and tasty mac and cheese. Kreuz Market it ain’t, but the brisket is smoky and flavorful like the pork, and a little bit of bbq sauce makes up for the fact that’s a touch on the dry side.

The mac and cheese is solid as well, and the price for either is reasonable, solidifying Express BBQ’s position as a Downtown Lunch destination.

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Express BBQ’s Pulled Pork Far Exceeds Expectations

expressbbqSoutherners like myself would claim that we have high standards when it comes to barbecue. Other people might say we’re jerks about it.

In fact, I was so righteous about this Holy Grail of down south cuisine when I first moved north nearly a decade ago, I would constantly correct my friends when they referred to a weekend cookout as a barbecue. I’ve relaxed a lot about it since then (and probably kept more friends as a result), but I am still very choosy about pulled pork, my native South Carolina’s barbecue of choice.

So it was with great skepticism that I unwrapped my pulled pork sandwich from Express BBQ on the corner of Park Place and Church St. But – Daggum it, y’all! – not only did the pork well exceed my very low expectations, it might even be called good…

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