Exploring The Strange World Of Wraps Within Texas Rotisserie

There are times where online delivery sites like Seamless come in handy…mostly when I am looking for a new place to try and see somewhere I never knew existed. This happened last week when I spotted something called Wrap Star that had the same address as Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton St. (btw. William & Gold).

A look at the menu showed more than 50 wrap options including vegetarian varieties, one with crab cakes and a few featuring barbequed meats. I had my eye on a wrap featuring all of the ingredients of a fried chicken dinner. See how this turned out, straight ahead!

As most of us know, wraps are the crappier cousin of a burrito, and this looked no different other than the fact that it was a whole wheat wrapper instead of a flour tortilla. It wasn’t gigantic, but large enough to fill up most people.

I ordered the Southern Comfort wrap ($7), which the menu said contains fried chicken strips, corn, mashed potatoes and a light application of gravy. What I got instead was most of those items, but stuffing rather than mashed potatoes. I mean, I like stuffing, but it is no mashed potatoes.

By far the best part of this wrap was the fried chicken. There were probably about two large strips chopped into large pieces, mixed in with the salty stuffing studded with dried cranberries and mushroom, buttered corn, and a minimal amount of gravy. This was one salty lunch, so be sure you have water handy. The wheat wrap was fairly dry and had been grilled a bit, and I think it would have been better in a regular tortilla, but I was not given that option.

If you are a person who enjoys wraps, give Wrap Star a try if nothing else for the novelty of getting barbequed pork or jerk chicken stuffed into something other than a bun.

Texas Rotisserie & Grill, 94 Fulton St. (btw. William & Gold), (212) 566-6692


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