Jazzy’s Is A Decent Source Of Korean Fried Chicken

When plans to check out a food cart went awry the other day I was left in need of a lunch in West Soho. That was when a sign outside the pedestrian-looking Jazzy’s Deli at Varick & Charlton streets lured me in. This otherwise generic deli offers specialties like bibimbop and bulgogi, but also, the more rare Korean-style fried chicken. Surprisingly, the meaty wings and drumsticks were better than I though they would be. 

I asked for six wings ($6), but was given a half-and-half mix of those and drumsticks. You get a choice of soy garlic or spicy soy garlic sauces and I went with the regular version. It wasn’t quite as sticky and adhered to the crust as at places like BonChon, but it was also ready in a few minutes and cost less.

The sauce was extremely garlicky – as in your hands are going to stink for the rest of the day, as is your breath. That being said, it was really tasty and I found myself dragging the chicken through the sauce in the bottom of the container to get all of it. The drumsticks were far more meaty than the wings, and cost the same, so you may want to go that route with your order. Don’t go into Jazzy’s expecting top-notch Korean fried chicken, and you’ll likely leave happy. Grab extra napkins!

Jazzy’s Deli, 163 Varick St. (at Charlton), (212) 645-9155


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