A-Pou’s Taste Finds New Spot, Adds Fried Rice To Lineup

The last time we checked in with A-Pou’s Taste cart they were still at their spot on Liberty St. & Broadway. One Citi Bike station and a couple of failed spots later, the cart is trying to put down roots on William St. between Maiden Lane & John St. in between Biryani House and Halal Gyro Express carts. As I walked up to the cart to ask if they were planning to park in that spot long term (they are), I noticed there were a couple of new dishes being advertised including a pork chop over rice and shrimp fried rice for $6 each. I’ve generally enjoyed everything I’ve eaten from this cart, but I’d have to say the fried rice may be a weak link.

You can either get the shrimp fried rice alone with some salad or as an $8 combo with five potstickers. I went the cheaper route and soon enough my (pre-fried) rice was handed to me. You get a bunch of rice studded with peas, egg, onion and turkey bacon because apparently this cart is halal? The shrimp is piled on top rather than mixed into the rice, and sprinkled with cilantro. The rice and shrimp on their own were a little bland, so I’d recommend grabbing a packet or two of soy sauce and maybe some hot sauce to spice things up. It wasn’t that this was a bad dish, it just wasn’t as good as the potstickers or some of the proteins over rice offered at A-Pou’s.┬áThat being said, it’s nice to have a seafood option from a cart that’s as cheap as street meat.

A-Pou’s Taste Cart, William St. between Maiden Lane & John St.


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