Bistec Is The Winning Meat At The Cocina Mexicana Cart

One of the last carts left standing at Liberty and Nassau streets is the Cocina Mexicana cart. The menu has stayed the same since they materialized in the Financial District back in June, except they seemed to have done away with the signs on the front offering daily specials like enchiladas. Maybe there was lack of interest, or lack of customers for those, but it’s a shame because not they offer the same few items as seemingly every other Mexican spot in the neighborhood: burritos, tacos, quesadillas and tortas. I stopped by to try the sandwich, lured in by the picture of one with bistec in it on the front of the cart.  

I’ve tried the tacos and tamales from the cart and was disappointed in the latter. Still, I know they take pride in the ingredients here and was ready to give them another shot. The torta ($7) comes with your choice of steak, chicken, pork, vegetarian or shrimp if they have it.

I got mine with steak, and it was nestled in with beans, shredded white cheese, mayo, chipotle sauce, pickled jalapeño, lettuce, and diced tomato. The talera roll was great – nice and crispy on the top (although not toasted or pressed, like some places do). The sandwich wasn’t the largest I’ve had for the price, but oh man, those pieces of bistec were fantastic. They were juicy with browned bits from the griddle, and were nicely moisturized by the beans and various sauces. I would say even the chicken would do well in the sandwich because there’s so much moisture to help out any dry meats.

The food at Cocina Mexicana won’t blow you away, but it’s made with care and they do just fine by their steak sandwich.

Cocina Mexicana Cart, corner of Liberty and Nassau streets


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