Eating Pastrami From Secret FiDi Lunch Kiosk Dovid’s Kosher

Just when I think we’ve discovered every lunch secret in the Financial District on this site, another one comes out of the woodwork. While doing some online research for another post I stumbled upon a place called Dovid’s Kosher in a building on Exchange Place (at William) that I’d never heard of. I’d reviewed two other spots on this same block and wondered how I’d never noticed a kosher deli. It turns out it’s because it’s inside a building, basically in a hallway, and you can’t really see it from the street. This called for an investigation. 

When you’re walking by, the kiosk looks like a snack shop that most buildings have in their lobby. If you look closely you will notice that there are knishes behind the counter as well as sushi rolls and some sandwiches. Basically if it’s a food you associate with being kosher or Jewish, they probably have it.

I asked if they had pastrami, they checked, and within five minutes I had a sandwich in my hand. You get your choice of bread (white, rye, roll) and while I asked for rye, I got white but didn’t realize it until I was several blocks away unwrapping my lunch. They asked if I wanted lettuce and tomato, but who gets that on a pastrami sandwich? Mustard was all I wanted, along with the sour pickled that was offered alongside. The sandwich was $9.50 which I thought was reasonable.

This was not the best pastrami you’ll ever have, but it was plentiful and good when slicked with mustard. The white bread wasn’t my cup of tea, but was just a vehicle for the salty, fatty meat anyway. My only complaint here was that the pastrami could have been warmer but it could have been because I walked a few blocks before eating.

Dovid’s Kosher is similar to the Kosher Luncheonette over on Fulton St., except with sushi, and you don’t have to stand out in the cold to place your order. If you work nearby and don’t need a place with seating to eat lunch, maybe check this place out. It’s a secret worth getting out.

Dovid’s Kosher, 40 Exchange Place (enter at 27 William St.), (212) 248-9008


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    White bread? Lettuce and tomato? This is not the real deal.

    Midtownlunch already featured the best pastrami sandwich (by far) in the area, Zucker’s Bagels.

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