Wogies Brings More Cheese Steaks, Wings To Lower Manhattan

We got a tip recently that Wogies Bar & Grill had opened a second outpost in the city on Trinity Pl. (nr. Rector St.), adding to their original West Village location. They are known for cheese steaks, but also have wings and some twists on the beef/cheese/bread formula (there’s a sandwich involving chopped steak, fried mozzarella balls and pepperoni). No word yet on how the actual food is, so if you’ve stopped in, leave your thoughts in the comments.



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    Haven’t been to the fidi location, but the village Wogie’s has the second best cheesesteak in NYC, after Shorty’s.

    Unfortunately for Wogie’s, Shorty’s is also in the fidi.

    Wogie’s wings are pretty great, though. Shorty’s wings suck.

  • shortys wings are ok….at least at the 27th st location.

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    That’s the one I usually order from. Wings were not worth ordering. IMO, obviously.

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