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First Look: A Taste Of Dave’s Hoagies Is Going To Cost You

I’m going to begin this post by saying no, I am not an expert on the hoagies of Philadelphia and don’t know that I had ever eaten one before Monday. That was when Dave’s Hoagies opened its doors in the Financial District with a small shop on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl).

With no base knowledge, I ordered a hoagie with turkey (the Italian seemed to be the most popular) and nearly all of “the works” and handed over more money than I normally do for meat between two pieces of bread.

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Dave’s Hoagies Brings Philly-Style Sandwiches To Cedar St. Today

We got word last Friday that a new sandwich shop called Dave’s Hoagies is set to open today for lunch on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl). Sure enough, when I walked by finishing touches were being put on the small space that’s near some other Downtown Lunch favorites.

Prices are a little higher than what you’re used to for a sandwich, but these are probably fancier than what you’d get from the generic deli. If you love the sandwiches of Philadelphia, this is your spot. Take a look at the menu straight ahead!  Read more »