First Look: A Taste Of Dave’s Hoagies Is Going To Cost You

I’m going to begin this post by saying no, I am not an expert on the hoagies of Philadelphia and don’t know that I had ever eaten one before Monday. That was when Dave’s Hoagies opened its doors in the Financial District with a small shop on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl).

With no base knowledge, I ordered a hoagie with turkey (the Italian seemed to be the most popular) and nearly all of “the works” and handed over more money than I normally do for meat between two pieces of bread.

I’m not lying when I say the entire 30 minutes or so I was at Dave’s Hoagies, I was the only female customer to be seen. Are dudes the only ones who like Philly-style sandwiches? I ordered up my hoagie with turkey ($10.50 plus tax) minus the chopped artichoke hearts.

That’s more than $11 worth of sandwich you’re looking at. They get rolls from Parisi Bakery, hand slice the meats and I’d have to say the tomato, marinated sweet and hot peppers and shredded romaine and red onion were all good quality. Acouple of thin slices of provolone lining the sides of the bun rounded out the sandwich, with the turkey nestled within.

This was a balanced sandwich, with the meat not outweighing the vegetables. Some of you may not be OK with this based on the price, but I appreciated it.

My bottom line with Dave’s Hoagies is that they serve a tasty hoagie, but how often are people going to pay more than $10 for a sandwich such as this?

Did any of you check this place out during the first days of business?

Dave’s Hoagies, 26 Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), (212) 248-1000



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    i checked it out and had the prosciutto with the works. It came out to $13 with tax. The sandwhich was only okay. The vegetables and peppers were too vinegary. I rather go to Potbelly nearby or even Water Cafe which makes delicious sandwiches that are gut bombs for half the price of dave’s hoagies.

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    I walked into Dave’s Hoagies today, looked at the size of the sandwiches for $10/$11 and walked right out. They are tiny. I’m from Jersey and in Jersey our hoagies are more than 4 inches long! One of my coworkers got one and said it was decent, but not worth the $11 + tax he paid for the italian. The picutre taken in this article is deceiving. The sandwiches are TINY!

  • That’s why i keep you telling you, Grossdan, that you need to ditch work and come to Sal Kris and Charlies!

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    I had the prosciutto hoagie. NOT worth the $$. Not much better than Blimpie for twice the price.

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    Thoroughly have enjoyed this place thus far. It was fresh, great ingredients, and no, not a cheap hoagie, but i’ll pay for this quality every day of the week. The hidden gem though are the salads. I had the turkey hoagie prepared as a salad and it was chopped up and delicious. Blows away any salad in the ‘hood. Give it a go and you’ll see what i mean. Well worth it.

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    I really WANTED to like this place – Dave himself was there one of the first days they opened. Unfortunately they did not have their act together – messed up my order and took 20 minutes to fix – average sandwich; overpriced… haven’t been back.

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