Today is Oxtail Day at Sophie’s Cuban

Looking for a late lunch? Serious Eats New York recommends the oxtails at Sophie’s Cuban, which are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At $11 it’s just over the ML price limit, but like we’ve been saying for years, it’s totally worth it.


  • The one on 23rd and Madison charges $10. I guess prices are based on location as their website doesn’t have pricing.

  • i think it’s a pretty good price considering how expensive the ox tail is these days.

  • Good example of how the “$10 midtown lunch” days are numbered. I don’t know how long we’ll get away with this limit. Is there even an indian buffet under $10 anymore?

    Unless this site becomes “streetmeat lunch”, the $10 cap has a year at most.

  • I know of 3 indian buffets for 9.99 in Curry Hill

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