Sophie’s On Chambers Selling Crack-Like Green Sauce For Home Consumption


I know the green sauce at Sophie’s holds a special place in a lot of your pernil-clogged hearts, so good news! Now you can buy jars of it for $5.99 and pour it on whatever you want in the comfort of your own home or office. The sign was only in the window at the location on Chambers St. (at Church), and not the one on Fulton St. Maybe now we can finally know what’s in this stuff?



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    Wow this is amazing news! Now I don’t have to try and swipe it off the table anymore – because it is like CRACK!

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    best news ever! I can’t believe I’ve held off stealing a bottle of green sauce. I get a devil on my shoulder every time I walk into that place.

    To reward my not giving into temptation I think I’ll have some Oxtail this week

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    Just a warning – I bought some today and while the poster shows the sauce in a jar, they definitely just gave me a medium-sized take-out container with it. A bit surprised it 1) doesn’t come in a jar like the POSTER SHOWS and 2) it’s obviously not even sealed, I asked what the shelf life was and was told 8 days. We’ll see…

  • True story: I purchased a jar of Sophie’s Green Sauce at the Chambers Street location, and an employee lobbed it through the air up to the cashier so I could check out. It landed midway in a giant vat of chicken broth, and so the cashier plucked it out of the broth, casually wiped it off and handed it to me. I would hate to be the next person to eat some of that broth! Using my meager Spanish, I also subsequently checked by phone on the ingredients, and Sophie’s particular interpretation of green sauce does not contain mayonnaise, only some oil (amount undetermined). I’ve found it is is especially delicious on sprout sandwiches, although there is no evidence it can kill e coli, unless this particular organism is allergic to chicken broth!

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    Okay, this post is almost certainly driving me to Sophie’s. Not that crack is my thing, but sounds good. Thanks

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