Make Sure to Ask for Extra Meat Juice at Sophie’s

Sophie's So the first time I went to Sophie’s and got the chicken with rice and beans, I thought it wasn’t that great. The chicken was tender but it lacked flavor and so did the rice and beans. I like to give a place a second chance before deciding if I it should go under my “never to go again” list, so the other day I found myself once more at Sophie’s. Earlier in the day I had this huge craving for beef stew and couldn’t think of any place for beef stew except Sophie’s.

Hopefully this would be just what I needed to forget about that chicken…


The beef stew with rice and beans ($9) was just okay. The big chunks of beef were a bit dry and tough to chew, and just like my experience with their chicken the dish was pretty bland overall. The little container of green sauce gave the stew a bit of extra flavor but it wasn’t enough. Just like the chicken, though, the places where the lady had drizzled extra beef stew sauce were really freaking awesome.  In fact, I now believe their sauce is the key to making their food taste a hundred times better. It gave everything so much flavor, I will definitely be asking for extra sauce the next time I head back to Sophie’s (which might not be a for awhile.)

Sophie’s Cuban, Available at these three locations:

  • 369 Lexington Ave (btw. 41+42nd) 212-922-3576
  • 805 Third Ave (btw. 49+50th), Lower Level, 212-308-1024
  • 23 East 23rd Street (btw. Mad+Park), 212-260-8884


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