And Dave Cook from Eating in Translation has the first photo evidence, in the form of a “single soul food mix”, which not surpisingly is “much easier to manage when you have a place to sit“.  I think I speak for everyone when I say “ehrfurchtgebietend !” (I think that means awesome in German.)


  • OMG it was amazing AND only $8 for a HUGE stein of beer! And way quieter than Valhalla down the street, HBE might just become a new bar hangout, with some wurst on the side. ;-)

  • I ate at the “Hallo Berlin Express” last week and it was really great. If you’re not sure what you want, they will try to push the combos on you. Be forewarned… the food is somewhat rich and very filling. Deceptively so. Try not to over-order unless you have a group to share with. You can always order more if you’re still hungry!!

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