Schnitzel & Things Has A Couple of Hidden Gems, And One is Vegetarian

Schnitzel & Things

If a restaurant has a specific food in its name, it’s usually a safe bet that said food is the way to go when ordering lunch. In that case, you’d be wise to order one of the several schnitzels available at Schnitzel & Things (45th St. and 3rd Ave.). But what about the “Things”? Could there be lunchtime gold hidden in there?

I would venture to say ‘yes’. I might even go so far as to say that the best thing you can get at Schnitzel & Things isn’t schnitzel at all – it’s the bratwurst.

Specifically, it’s the bratwurst sandwich, if you order it with the right accoutrements, which is a fancy way to say sauerkraut and mustard. Each ingredient in this sandwich contributes to a greater whole. The ciabatta roll is soft but crusty. The bratwurst itself is plenty flavorful and, although it is cut in half lengthwise, the casing retains its snap. The sauerkraut brings a vinegary sweetness while the mustard contributes a vinegary hotness.

If there’s one problem with this sandwich, it’s that the roll is a bit too large for the sausage. Some bites are all sauerkraut, no brat.

To make a complete Germanically inspired lunch, I’d recommend ordering a side of the Austrian potato salad. Unfortunately, Schnitzel & Things no longer offers it’s lunch special (sandwich or wrap, side, and a drink for $10), but you can still grab the bratwurst sandwich for only $6.50, the cheapest sandwich on the menu.

If bratwurst isn’t your thing and you’re tired of schnitzel, I would suggest an option that some Midtown Lunchers might call heretical: the all-vegetarian side sampler.

Now that you’ve all settled down, here me out on this. Schnitzel & Thing’s sides are delicious, and the side sampler gets you heaping servings of four of them for $7.95. Seriously, if you have any worries that a vegetarian meal won’t fill you up, just take a look at this…

Each of the available sides are fairly simple. The chickpeas come dress in a balsamic vinaigrette while the cucumbers–crisp and cool– come in a white wine vinaigrette. Beets come dressed similarly in white wine and are topped with feta cheese–a classic combination done right.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to go all veg, you need to choose a starch. Either of two potato salads are perfectly fine, but I’d recommend the spaetzel. They aren’t exactly the dumplings I grew up eating, but tossed in butter, they’re comforting and delicious. The polenta was something of a mixed bag. It’s got a great corn flavor, and caramelized onions add something special (though I wish there were more of them), but while some of my polenta was soft and smooth, about half was excessively firm. Still, the taste was great.

So next time you stop by Schnitzel & Things, consider forgoing the schnitzel and picking the brat sandwich or side sampler.

Schnitzel & Things, 723 Third Ave (btw. 45+46th), 347-772-7341


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    I had their Schnitzel Burger the other week from the truck. It was the first time in a long time that I order food from them.

    The burger is advertised as a 1/2 lb. The burger I received could not have been more than a 1/4 lb and it was just extremely dry. I remember the burgers in the past being huge and juicy with an amazing toasted bun (bun still good, but not toasted) and tons of cheese. This burger was a huge disappointment.

    Dont think I will order from them again.

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    When the Schnitz burger first gained infamy from the truck, I tried it, and it was awesome… i don’t remember the bun being toasted, but that wasn’t an issue for me, although a toasted bun would be great… WHen the store opened up, it was more convenient. However, I was disappointed because the burger from the truck always had melted cheese on it whether it was heated a little to melt the cheese, or it melted while it was wrapped inside the foil… at the store… no such thing… they prepare the burger and plop a cold piece of cheese… this has been the case every time, and when asked if they could melt it, they explained that they did not do that… havent been there since.

  • I guess “disappointment” falls under “Things”

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