Reichenbach Beer Hall Is Open, But It’s Pricey

Grab your steins and get ready, because Reichenbach Hall, the German beer hall under construction on 37th St. (btw. 5th+6th) is now open for business. The good news is that they play German pop music and serve a full menu of German favorites like sausages, spaetzle, and schnitzel. The bad news is nearly everything is over the ML limit. The sandwiches are only a few dollars over, but you’ve really got to fork it out for almost everything else (even a pretzel costs $8.99?!).

Check out the menu after the jump…

Early adopters let us know if it’s worth the splurge.

UPDATE: Reichenbach is opening at 4pm this week, but will be open for lunch at 11:30am starting next week.

Reichenbach Hall, 5 West 37th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-302-7744


  • Tried out some of the food. The portions were standard, which given the pricing, keeps it on the expensive side.

    I found myself liking the pretzel, which was soft and kept warm.

    The beer selection was pretty good though – a lot of German selections as well as their own house brew.

  • I’m disappointed that the “wow” pretzel isn’t called the Über-pretzel.

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    $18 for a brat. That is just obsurd!

    How are the beer prices?

    • Really expensive if the Yelp reviews are to be believed.

      On another note, I hate business related websites that are on Facebook with little to no relevant information. How frustrating.

  • I walked past yesterday at lunch time and it was closed. Does anyone know if they plan to open for lunch too? Perhaps there will be a cheaper lunch menu.

  • They open at 4 every day. The “house brew” is a rebadging of an existing beer (i.e., it isn’t brewed special for them).

    The $9 pretzel is really damned big. Not as big as the “Wow” — I agree, they missed a chance here with the name — nor does it come filled with cheese, but it’s a lot of pretzel.

    The $18 brat is indeed pricey, but it comes with sides. Still, with a place like Die Koelner in Park Slope able to do a similar plate for $10… I’ll stick to beer, which is generally $8/half-liter, $14-15/liter.

    • I should add a disclaimer that I know the folks who own and run Reichenbach Hall.


      • I guess I forgot to drool all over the menu, like our story writer. Inkjet printers FTW!

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        Hey, while any mention of spaetzle is usually enough to make me drool, that’s a photo of a rain soaked menu hanging outside the restaurant.

      • How is the tap list Dave? Are they pouring anything unusual like a Rauchbier or a Weizenbock?

      • Last week, the Schlenkerla Helles was on but pricey ($12/half liter), there was a Weizenbock, then a lot of the usual suspects: Spaten Ofest, Paulaner Salvator, some standard pils, but also Veltins, Sion Kolsch, and a grapefruit wheat beer (“for the ladies”, it might as well have been Lindeman’s). In all a very good selection. I’ll probably check up on them again this week, maybe today.

    • But this is Midtown Lunch.


      who goes to lunch at 4pm?

  • After a long hard winter campaign that involved the humiliating Brooklyn retreat of the Schnitzel & Things Armoured Division, the Axis finally rises again. How long before they cross the Maginot Line (aka 42nd st) and blitzkreig Wafels and Dinges and force them to serve weisswurst on those damn wafels? May Reichenbach Hall shall stand for 1000 years! PROSIT!

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    I went with a few people on Friday and we all commented how ridiculous the food prices were. We settled on the 2 pretzels with some cheese and liver spread for $18! Beer prices were in line with other German beer halls, but I’ll stick to those places where the food is half the price and the beer is just as cold.

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    Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion, but I can confirm that Reichenbach will be open for lunch at 11:30am starting next week.

  • Maybe they will have a less expensive lunch menu…

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