Hallo Berlin Cart Going on Vacation


Got a frantic email yesterday from a lunch’er lookin to confirm the news that Lost City reported about the Hallo Berlin Cart:

I heard the head vendor talk about how all the world wanted him and his food and he wouldn’t be at the corner forever. I didn’t completely get the gist of his meaning, but the general idea is that the cart was wanted elsewhere across the globe and he was going on a world tour. He would sell sausage in Beijing for the coming Olympics. From there he would go to Rio de Janiero for a spell. The upshot was we would be without the cart for a number of months, but he would eventually return.

It turns out the cart will indeed be gone for at least the first two weeks in July (and probably the second two weeks) as the two Babiel brothers make their annual trip home to Germany.  It’s hard to tell when they’re joking and when they’re being serious, but they also told me they’d be attending a sausage and beer convention.  Either way, the cart will be gone starting on June 30th, and will return the first week in August at the latest. 

As for the Olympics, which begin on August 8th, Rolf confirmed that they have been invited to Beijing to sling sausages- but there will be a replacement cart on 54th & 5th, so there won’t be any further interruption in service.  In the meantime you’ve got a little less than two weeks to load up at the cart, and then we’ll all have to make the trip over to the 9th Ave. Hallo Berlin Express (btw. 50+51st).


  • Zach, they’re not joking. Heck, Germany IS a sausage and beer convention, year-round!

  • I finally got over to HB Express last week. Place is great – cozy, great brew and the food is indistinguishable from the cart (i.e. awesome). A welcome addition.

  • See you in Beijing Rolf!! Just in time for me when I get sick of eating Chinese food. Thank GOD!

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