Schnitzel & Things Makes a Non-Schnitzified Sandwich!?

Schnitzel & Things

Now that my new office is just a few steps away from the Schnitzel & Things’ shop (3rd btw. 45th+46th), I don’t have to run around the city looking for the truck (WIN!) It also means my intake of fried goodness will jump exponentially. When you have a storefront, there’s definitely more room for you to play around with the menu, so when Oleg and family opened their new place (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th) they added few new items to the menu including 1 non-schnitzified item on the menu, the grilled ginger chicken (I know the bratwurst isn’t technically schnitzified either but they do deep fry it). The grilled ginger chicken has always been on my mind and finally I got the chance to try it.

Grilled ginger chicken sandwich w/ sauerkraut

I got the grilled ginger chicken as a sandwich($8.50). For the bread, I had a choice between toasted and not toasted (new to me), I got the toasted. Then for the filling I had spicy mayo, the grilled ginger chicken, lettuce and tomatoes and sauerkraut.

Grilled ginger chicken sandwich w/ sauerkraut

This was quite good. The heat from spicy mayo was great and then the sauerkraut really gave the whole sandwich a nice tangy-ness to it. The chicken was nicely grilled but I think the flavor of the ginger sort of got lost in the sandwich (I will have to try it as a platter next time).

The grilled ginger chicken is a nice addition to the all fried menu but my heart (and stomach) will always belong to their chicken schnitz platter with potato salad and cucumber salad.

Schnitzel & Things, 723 Third Ave (btw. 45+46th), 347-772-7341


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    Last time I ordered from here, I ordered a Schnitz Burger…. Incredibly disappointed… When ordering rom truck I was used to a made to order, with melted cheese deal… Last trip to the store I was looking forward to a schnitz burger since it had been a while… Burger was DEF not made to order… and they put a cold slice of cheese that had no chance to melt since, again, the burger was not made to order, and thus, not nearly as hot as it should be… really turned me off.

  • As usually, i hit the truck last wed. The cucumber salad left a really rancid aftertaste in my mouth.I’ve also noticed the portions, especially for the sides, have gone down DRASTICALLY when you buy the platter from the truck. I hope this isn’t a continuous downward spiral.

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    Not close to what they were when they first started their wagon, over priced & now average at best, I wont go back, Schnitzel welcome to the midtown restaurant wasteland.

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