Is 45th & 6th A Viable Food Truck Stop Again?

The NW corner of 45th street and 6th avenue used to be a food truck favorite spot, bringing a regular swath of trucks almost every day of the workweek. Then, the NYPD crackdown in Midtown ruined the fun, forcing trucks to find other often less lucrative locations to park during the lunch rush. But, it seems that slowly things have been reverting back to the good ol’ days. This week, on Tuesday, Schnitzel & Things couldn’t park at their planned spot on 40th & 6th due to construction, so they moved uptown to 45th & 6th.

Funny tangent … I ran out for lunch when I saw their new location, scoring myself a chicken schnitzel sandwich with sriracha mayo. So. Good. I went and ordered, 5 mins later I had my food, and I ran back to the office. Then, I checked twitter to find that fellow Midtown Lunch writer Ultraclay tweeted his excitement that the truck hit up our hood (his office is a block from mine). Then, I was all, “dude, was just there!” In my excitement, I didn’t look at the instagram he posted until after I sent my tweet. It totally featured the back of my head. So I let him know. Turns out we were both so preoccupied that we didn’t even see each other! Fried food will do that to people.

Anyway, back to the point … Wednesday brought the Treats Truck to their old favorite Midtown spot (in fact, they’ve quietly been making a pretty regular appearance there over the past few months). And, Mexicue is park on that corner today (Thursday). Keep an eye out, folks, because if things continue this way, it looks like Midtown West could ring in a very happy (and satiated!) new year, indeed!


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