BREAKING: Trouble in Biriyani Cart Land?

A few reports have come in today about police activity in front of the Vendy Award winning Biriyani Cart (on 46th and 6th.) According to Lunch’er Chris it might have had something to do with the crowds of people waiting on line for biriyani in front of Cafe Europa (the generic Midtown deli on the same corner):

“So I was down at Europa (on 6th and 46) grabbing my standard boring salad and on my way out I notice the manager talking to a couple cops. I heard him complaining about the crowds for the Briyani Cart blocking the sidewalk, which is kind of odd considering it doesn’t really effect the entrance at all. Anyways, you might want to ask the Briyani guys if the cops have been bothering them today at all.”

Just confirmed with Meru, the owner of the Biriyani Cart, that the cops did in fact show up earlier today- and have just now returned for a second time to issue tickets.

According to Meru, the police showed up around 1pm today, and told all the carts on the SW corner of 46th and 6th that they would have to leave (that includes two halal carts, the Biriyani Cart, the Biriyani Sandwich Land Cart, and the Carribean Spice Cart.)  Biriyani Cart was told it had something to do with parking over subway grates, but he’s parked in the same spot for 6 years without ever having a single problem from police.

With the exception of Meru’s second cart (Sandwich Land) which packed up and left, none of the other carts (including the main Biriyani Cart) had left as of 3pm so the police just showed up again and are taking down vendor permit and license numbers as I type this.  Carribean Spice has now left the scene, but the rest of the carts remain for now.

Updates coming as soon as I know more…

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  • If this is true, then I have no qualms about walking into europa, asking to see a manager, and giving him a piece of my mind. Europa is not the kind of place i’d ever go to eat, so they certainly arent losing business from me thats for sure.


  • Yikes..I was there like 12:50ish today. While there was a big crowd the Europa entrance is not near the sidewalk at all. There was a TV crew there taping when I was there.

  • WHEN will people learn the difference between “affect” and “effect”????? They are NOT the same word, and misusing them makes you look foolish in the eyes of literate people. Sheesh. (And before it comes up again, remember that there is no ‘a’ in ‘definite’!)

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    The cart scene on that corner HAS gotten kind of ridiculous… I mean last time i passed it was … in this order… Generic halal cart, biryani cart, sandwich land, caribbean spice, generic halal cart. But hey if tehy got the right to be there power to them.

  • stevenp, that is like asking people to differentiate between their, there, and they’re. you are asking a lot.

  • steves- same goes for your and you’re. i read a comment that cracked me up once, that those who can’t distiguish which to use should just start using “yore” instead.

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    stevenp, if you complain, show us the right way to type… so that forever on we can tell the difference between the two and you will forever have an aeffect on my life

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    also. hopefully there wont be any sidewalk planters in that area tomorrow… even though there are subway grates there you dont know what crazy things people will do in the night sometimes

  • DocUpChuck is Midtown Lunch’s version of Boss Hog.

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    europa cafe needs to go eat a dick sandwich.

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    I’m going to the cart for lunch tomorrow out of spite.

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    idea: a biryani fan meetup inside the europa cafe. we make a big long line at the counter and just take turns going up and being indecisive customers. spend about 20 seconds thinking on our order, then suddenly say “oh, do you have kati rolls?”

  • look what you did, grammar nazi. my biggest peeves are when people use “their” in place of he/she and when they don’t use the future subjunctive correctly. (If I were rich vs if I was rich.)

    and you all read it wrong anyway. “effect” in this case was being used as a verb. (jk)

  • It has become a zoo on that corner, but why complain? Does it hurt their business? I would think the more people hanging around the better.

    And I’ll never understand the allure of the Biryani Cart, greasy Kati Rolls with mayo? gross, and while they do make decent Biryani it’s not great like a good Indian restaurant, certainly not worth waiting on those ridiculous lines for, all hype IMO.


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    @Adam – are you entirely sure you have enough to spare?

    I’m not.

  • deanlo: yeah, that’s another peeve. I also tried to read “effect” as a verb but it didn’t work. And before I go, here’s a free reminder that there is NO SUCH expression in the English language as “should of” or “would of.”

    Grammar Enforcement Officer out. (‘Nazi’ is such a loaded term.)

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    Pedantic is one thing, lack of wit is tolerable but humorless is unforgivable.

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  • What is a Fucktard? Do Fucktards live in New Yawk City? Are Fucktards dangerous? Do Fucktards eat at the Biriyani Cart?

    Just curious.

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