Cupcake Stop Releases Official Statement

It’s been three weeks since the Cupcake Stop Truck and its two brick and mortar locations mysteriously shut down without any warning. We had heard that the owner Lev was leaving to pursue other opportunities and yesterday it was confirmed by their PR machine:

I just wanted to check in with an official statement from CupcakeStop founder Lev Ekster on the status of the company since you’ve covered the company since its launch. He’s unable to comment further during this negotiation period but I will be sure to keep you posted when the next announcement is made. “Within the last two months, I was offered another opportunity that I felt was extremely promising and decided to pursue it. Therefore, we are currently negotiating the sale of my portion of CupcakeStop with several parties.”

Well, that sounds very serious! Cupcakes shouldn’t be about secrecy and negotiations… they should be about sunshine and smiles.

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    According to his LinkedIn page, Lev is now the owner of Doesn’t look like much of a site, yet.

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