Cupcake Stop Truck Will Sell Cupcakes in Midtown Today

Just got word from the owner that the Cupcake Stop Truck will actually be selling full size cupcakes in Midtown today (for the first time!)  They were giving away free samples this morning as part of an appearance on Fox & Friends, but have decided to stay in the spot (on 48th btw. 6+7th) for another couple of hours to sell their full size cupcakes.  If you’ve been wanting to try this new truck (run by the recent law school grad that couldn’t get a lawyer job) here’s your chance. Today’s flavors: red velvet, oreo crumb, double chocolate, and a special Booklyn Cyclone’s cupcake (since they’ll be in front of keyspan stadium tonight for opening day.) For more on how the cupcakes taste, check out this post on Serious Eats: New York.  Don’t know how long they will be there exactly, so you may want to check their Twitter for updates. Update: “Planning to stay here on 48th and 6th till about noon.” NEW UPDATE: “I think we may actually stay here till 230pm before heading out to the Cyclone’s game. Thanks!” And finally… “Sorry, we were asked to move as its not really a permissable spot, headed elsewhere” (Of course…)


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    This truck is a complete ripoff. I went there this morning and was denied a free mini cupcake because I didnt work at fox news. Then when I asked to buy some, they said it was $10 for a package 12 mini cupcakes. They looked decent enough, but 10 bucks for 12 bitsize cup cakes??!!? Good luck staying in business with those prices.

  • 10 bucks for a dozen is about what crumbs charges for there minis I dont think that’s so bad.

  • D….do you wanna express your feelings through the medium of dance?

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