Eisenberg’s Takes Swipe at the Cupcake Stop Truck


I guess Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop (on 5th Ave. btw. 22+23rd) is less than happy about the Cupcake Stop Truck’s Tuesday, Thursday & Friday spot right across the street from their 80 year old storefront.  It’s 10 blocks outside the Midtown Lunch boundaries, but kind of appropriate to the events of the past week. Eisenberg’s can always retaliate by opening a truck in front of the Cupcake Stop’s new East Village storefront.

Thanks to Lunch’er Rob for sending along the photo.


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    well… i think competition is more civilized than arguments, law suits, and authority intervention, good thinking for the eisenberg shop

    hell if any of these cupcakes were a dollar instead of 2.50 i might actually go to each of these places and try them… but i can buy a box dry ingredients and make like 20 for myself at way less then these prices… i work in the city but i still try to be as cheap as possible :D

  • does DocChuck = Spydr?

  • Heh. I made a similarly snarky comment towards stevenp recently.

    It’s a common slight at the cupcake crowd. Which is odd because like some other arguers, they fail to realize that this site is all about people buying food, not making it at home. I sure as hell ain’t lugging lunch or cupcakes on the commute into midtown Manhattan…

  • The real issue, to me, is not that cupcakes are incredibly overpriced…they’re all about the same price. OK, fine, there’s clearly an amount people are willing to pay. My issue is that for that kind of money for a little cupcake, I want them to be really good. And they rarely are. That’s why they’re not worth the money.

    As for Eisenberg’s, good for them. I always liked Eisenberg’s when I worked in the area. I don’t think they’re losing business having the truck parked there (not exactly the same offering) but if they can get people that might go to that truck and sell them lunch and a cupcake, more power to them.

  • I have to say I enjoy the ‘kids these days…’ sentiment expressed by that sign! Also, I’m just going to put this out there: I don’t get red velvet.

  • Sarah, do you get sugar walls? :)

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    susan knows what im talking about

    the site is about getting food for 10 dollars and under in midtown… so theoretically we could see a $9.99 cupcake here and its still within qualifications… although completely crazy unless its the size of a carvel cake

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    woops, forgot to write a “come to think of it” in the middle of those two thoughts in my last comment… just imagine that line is there and what i wrote will make a little more sense

  • ‘sugar walls’? is there something I’m missing out on here? googled… I should have known… Rudy….

  • I thought this website was about getting a decent meal at a reasonable price in Midtown — or is that goal an oxymoron in New Yawk City?

    WHY? — because people in New Yawk City permit themselves to be ripped off by unscrupulous vendors, who are concerned with how much money they can make — and your health, be DAMNED.

    So, “Steve”, where is your Senior Financial Advisor advice that I thought you were going to provide me on the shoe industry in America?

    I mean, I’m just askin’, Steve.

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    okay so now that he has put in his two sense… why does he do it? he lives in texas (im not just saying that, it says it on his myspace)

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    Despite making cupcakes often, I’d also happily buy cupcakes, even expensive ones, but Cupcake Stop just sucks. I’m disappointed to hear they are opening a store. That’s just one more piece of crap in NYC.

  • Spydr: DocChuck does not live in Texas, and pretty much anything you find on his myspace account (actually, he has constructed several such sites) is pure fabrication. He creates faux logins and these faux logins sign up to be his friends/followers. He copies pictures from other websites and posts them as friends, neighbors, children, and grandchildren. Virtually everything he writes is a lie, and he has been caught contradicting himself many, many times. If you want to see an example of his version of multiple personalities, check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/offthebroiler/3733102625, where Jason Perlow shows him posting on Perlow’s website (where he is now banned) under four different names.

  • I am truly amazed that anyone would pay $2.50 for a cupcake. I mean, where I live in Columbia, Maryland, (the wealthiest county in America, according to Forbes magazine), I doubt that anyone would be that stupid.

    A number of my friends on eGullet, another website I like, now that Jason Perlow is gone, tell me that they would NEVER buy a $2.50 cupcake at Eisenberg’s or anywhere else in the BA.

    I wouldn’t even buy my children or grandchildren (IF, that is, I had any — we do NOT have any children, and therefore NO grandchildren — LOL!) a $2.50 cupcake.

    Nope, children, grandchildren and over-priced donuts do NOT fit into Dr. E.’s and my idea of wealth building.

  • When you make up the facts as you go along, one can easily claim to live anywhere – with Santa at the North Pole, Beverly Hills, Galapagos Island, or Columbia Maryland. Truth of the matter is that DocChuck doesn’t have 2.50 to spend on cupcakes or anything else for that matter.

  • I’m sorry, but Jason Perlow, who calls himself (and his friend, ‘FRED’) an “Arrogant Wiseass” on his own website — OffTheBroiler — is NOT worthy of an educated person’s response.

    Could we now get back to discussing Midtown Lunch goodies?

    And if Jason Perlow, (or FRED) wants to continue to post, perhaps Jason and Fred would be so kind as to post a legitimate ‘profile’, much like other legitimate contributors to this blog.

  • Jason Perlow is a very successful individual who runs one of the most respected food-related websites on the web.

    DocChuck is a pathetic shell of a human being who gets his jollies by trolling food-related websites

    It’s funny to hear DocChuck request that we return to discussing Midtown food since every other DocChuck post mentions how her or Hogzilla can easily make a better version of at home, or generally denigrates the food and people in NYC

    Its also funny to hear DocChuck call for a legitimate profile, since this would enable him to more easily harass anyone who does so, and better still, his own profile is 100% fabrication

    Pathetic — but predictable

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