Cupcake Stop Mysteriously Closes

Cupcake Stop Truck, the 2 year old food truck turned brick and mortar success story famously started by a law school grad who couldn’t get a law firm job during the recession, sent out this message via Facebook and Twitter late last night.  No other explanation has been given, and there has been radio silence from Lev (the owner).  Their website has diappeared, and the phone number at their new Greenwich Street location has been disconnected, but according to Grub Street their location in The Limelight is still open (although their phone # is disconnected as well.)

With no explanation, the theories are flowing… a bunch of Facebook commenters think it could be a hack job, but if that were true you’d think that at this point they would have issued a statement letting people know.  Another tipster thought maybe they got their money pulled out from under them?  Maybe Lev finally got that lawyer job?  Regardless of what the reason is, if it turns out to be a money issue we can only hope that will end the seemingly nonstop parade of puff pieces encouraging people to spend their life savings on opening a food truck.  (We’re looking at you Fox & Friends.)

As soon as we hear anything, we’ll let you know.


  • Let the Great Cupcake Purge of ’11 begin!

  • Saw the “Cupcake Crew” truck outside my office. Pity “Cupcake Stop” didn’t take them with it.

  • Meanwhile UGGs chugs on…

  • i feel like i need a support group to deal with this… (((trembling lip))) but.. but… where will i get my mini pb&j cupcakes now???

    seriously tho… hope everything is okay with Lev and crew!!

    Miss Softee

  • This is very shocking because Lev was one of the nicest guys ever. He was always more than willing to help support various causes around the city! He was a supporter of StreetWise Partners last year and donated hundreds of cupcakes for our tasting event.

    He also handed out hundreds of free cupcake coupons to guests.

    Its really sad to hear this. I wonder what could have happened.

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