Free (Mini) Cupcake Alert

The Cupcake Stop truck is finally coming to Midtown today, although it’s not for regular vending. The truck has been rented by some cable TV show and they will be giving away free cupcakes until around 10am.  Right now they are Penn Station in front of the FUSE building (on 32nd & 7th), but they plan on moving around- so check their Twitter before heading out.


  • haha. btw, you’ll see them easily. they’re all wearing white dresses… (that should give a clue about what shoe it might be, but i ain’t gonna plug ‘em)

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    10am? Not possible. My calculations show that it would take approximately 53 brazillion cupcakes to last that long at that location. Handing out a limited number of free samples is fine, but IF you are going to twitter about it, shouldn’t you also send out a tweet once you’ve run out?

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