Cupcake Stop Truck in Midtown Today (With Pudding!?!)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the law student, turned cupcake truck owner behind the Cupcake Stop Truck.  Originally they were planning on parking the Herald Square Area, but fame is a fickle mistress- and aside from a few TV appearances, where they handed out free minis to passersby, Midtown has been completely Cupcake Stop free.  Until today.  The Cupcake Stop Truck is selling cupcakes today on 47th and 3rd from now until 6pm tonight (barring any “problems”.)

They were parked near my apartment on Sunday, so I decided to “sample” a box of mini cupcakes.  Check ‘em out after the jump…

Cupcake Stop Truck
From L to R: Fluffernutter, Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Cheesecake

I have to admit I was originally pretty skeptical about this truck.  First, I’m not really on the cupcake bandwagon.  Sure, I enjoy frosted cake just as much as the next guy… but I find cupcakes, on the whole, to be pretty dry and not that appealing.  I much prefer cookies, or pie, or pudding, or custard, or ice cream, or pretty much just about every imaginable sweet over a cupcake. I was also skeptical because the truck got a ton of big press (cable TV, major publications) before they even sold a single cupcake.  Yes the economy is terrible, and it’s interesting that a law school graduate opened a cupcake truck.  But what about the freakin’ cupcakes!  Are they even good? (What I’m trying to say is the Street Vendor Project busts their ass to get the smallest bit of mainstream media coverage.  Law school grad goes into the mobile cupcake business, and every major TV news organization is banging down his door. WTF?)

Well, depsite all that, I can tell you the box of minis kind of won me over.  At $1 a piece ($10 for a box of 12), they’re a lot of fun and I liked the unique flavors.  None of them were dry, and I especially liked the fluffernutter (peanut butter and marshmallows made from scratch) and the cookie dough cupcake, which had a cookie dough base (nice.)  Can’t speak for the large cupcakes though (they could be dry and crappy.)

Today’s flavors: “Lemon raspberry, red velvet, oreo crumb, hummingbird, peanut butter chocolate swirl.
And we’ll have cups of dark chocolate pudding.” Since this is a brand new spot for them, I’d check their twitter account (or the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker) before heading out.


  • OH my god, NYC will soon have more food trucks than yellow cabs. lol

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    I had the exact opposite experience. I found them a few weeks ago on a Saturday and was quite disappointed. I got two to do a taste test with some friends, and we all found they were dry, the frosting was nothing exciting, and they gave me the wrong kind of one of them. They were the big ones, not the little ones, but I didn’t think they were worth going back for. I’d rather just go to the Treats Truck.

  • oh my foodie heaven: fluffernutter! yum

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    zach–check your inbox, i sent you some foodlove.

  • sign me up for the hummingbird! it will go great after my meal of porpoise tuna.

  • OK I was curious, what is a hummingbird cupcake anyway? google to the rescue, they look yummy!

  • I went there around 2pm and they were all out of mini’s but their pudding was amazing, no line and the lemon rasberry is worth the full price tag and the walk.

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    I tried the lemon raspberry today. The icing was nice and light, but the cake part was not what I expected. At first I was like, “Lemon? I taste no lemon!” And then when I got to the center, I found there was a pocket of lemony filling. I would have liked the lemon flavor to be more evenly distributed. But maybe that’s just me.

  • Okay I am blatantly thread hijacking, but I just need to say on the lemon raspberry tip: there’s this cafe in my neighborhood– Bristens and they make the best baked goods, my favorite being the Lemon raspberry muffin, which is an awesome lemon muffin with a single surprise raspberry in the center. I know it sounds kind of unexciting, but I really can’t begin to tell you how good it is.

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