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“Love your blog — read it obsessively. Down to business. It’s my 23rd birthday and my Dad (also a chef instructor) would always make me the freshest yummiest strawberry shortcake on my b’day. Unfortunately, I’m moved a few states away. Where can I get a piece for lunch? In midtown?!? I must find a spot before 1pm today. Or…shudder…I might go to Junior’s in Grand Central. Thanks!!”



    they have strawb shortcake and are midtown. call ahead they may be closed for passover.

  • You may want to try the strawberry shortcake from Zaiya. It’s one of the lighter and fresher versions I’ve had.

  • The Carnegie Deli used to have very good, fresh Strawberry shortcake – but I have not tested it in last year. Let me see if I can think of any others…

  • Thanks guys!! My Most Favorite is open and the menu looks yummy. Top contender for now. I read about the Carnegie Deli somewhere else (Chowhound?) – where is it?

  • Dishes cakes are kind of awesome.

  • Carnegie Deli is on 7th Avenue around 55th

  • My most favorite may be open, but don’t coun’t on them having their regular menu. They only have passover food/cakes right now.

  • Cafe Zaiya for the best Japanese style strawberry shortcake!!

  • Dishes baked goods are for sure killer but they are not doing straw shrt cake right now – if they were that would be a great bet. Canegie:

  • I’ve been to Cafe Zaiya a few times. (As an aside, I’m part Japanese and love that place) BUT, I am skeptical about their strawberry shortcake. Most japanese desserts I’ve tried are pumped w/ processed flavor. I want real whipped cream…drool.

    I might just go check it out anyway. Cafe Zaiya is super close. Thx!

  • Cafe Zaiya, hands down for strawberry shortcake. After I had theirs I can’t even imagine eating it from anywhere else.

    Also, as someone who hates cheesecake, don’t go to Junior’s for anything BUT their cheesecake. I found myself not liking a lot of their non-cheesecake selections.

  • Roy Rogers

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