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Free Cheese (With Purchase) Alert: Starting today, spend $25 at the Muarry's Cheese or Murray's Salami locations in the Grand Central Terminal Market and get 1/2 pound of Robiola Bosina for free. Offer is good at all Murray's locations (not just Grand Central) while supplies last.

Murray’s Salami Adds Porktastic Sandwich Created by Midtown Luncher

And we have a winner!  A few weeks ago Murray’s Salami introduced a new line of pre packaged, individual sized servings of sandwich meats inspired by our quest to create a great sandwich during lunchtime using ingredients from the Grand Central Terminal Market. They also agreed to a contest where one of you would get to design the ultimate Midtown Lunch sandwich pack, which would then get added to the menu (with the prize being a giant charcuterie platter worth $150.)  Well, you guys responded with a ton of great options (with the blog Blondie and Brownie going so far as holding a taste test to come up with their entries.) Unfortunately, there can be only one winner.

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Murray’s Salami Adding Special “Lunch Trays”; One Lucky ML Reader to Get $150 Worth of Meat

DSC00169 (2)

It appears as if all of our sandwich making at Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Market has gotten noticed. Starting this week, Murray’s is offering a selection of “Lunch Trays” for those interested in making their own sandwiches (but don’t want to gather three friends together to split the bill.) You’ll still have to provide your own bread and condiments, but the lunch trays will feature an assortment of meats and cheese hand picked to make a great sandwich. Here are some of combos already being offered:

  • The Italian Job (Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Genoa salame, and Provolone)
  • Cubano (Pork loin, Niman Ranch ham, and Swiss Emmenthaler)
  • Some Like It Hot (Salumeria Biellese pepperoni, Columbus Calabrese salame, and chorizo)
  • The Classic Revisited (Niman Ranch applewood smoked ham, house-roasted turkey, and aged Cabot cheddar)

The packs will run you anywhere from $8 to $9, which admittedly doesn’t leave much room for bread and condiments to get you under the $10 Midtown Lunch price cap… but the packs have over 1/2 pound of meat, so you could easily buy two rolls and get two sandwiches out of it if you wanted.

But here is the best part: Murray’s is offering Midtown Lunch readers the chance to suggest the ingredients for a special “Midtown Lunch” tray, and the lunch’er whose creation gets chosen will win a huge meat platter.  Details after the jump…

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Midtown Snapshots: Some Tourists Are Smart!

Murray's Salami

I know my bashing of tourists is wrong (after all, we are all tourists whenever we go somewhere else) but sorry I can’t help it. It comes from working across the street from Rockefeller Center for 3 years, and being forced to walk through Times Square every single night to get home. But yesterday, I spotted this awesome group of Italian tourists in front of Murray’s Salami, in the Grand Central Market (I decided to stop by for a free sample of coppa.) The group had come up with the brilliant idea of buying some bread at Corrado’s Bakery, and combining it with some proscuitto from Murray’s Salami for a midday snack. Genius!!! It only goes to show that great food ideas transcend language and culture… well, that and Italians know how to eat.

Creating the Ultimate Sandwich at Murray’s Salami

Murray's Salami

Maybe this wasn’t the best day for this post. The Friday after Thanksgiving is quite possibly the biggest sandwich eating day of the year, followed closely by the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Maybe you’re sick of sandwiches.  Maybe if you look at another sandwich, it’s going to make you puke.  But maybe, just maybe, the mark of a truly great sandwich is one that can still make you salivate, even on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  So, in that spirit- I’m proud to present the Midtown Lunch entry in the Murray’s Salami challenge.

First, let’s get everybody brought up to speed.  A month ago Murray’s Cheese opened up a salami counter in the Grand Central Terminal Market (entrance on Lexington and 43rd). Everything in the market is very expensive, and Murray’s is no exception.  But they’ve got a staggering array of amazing meats and charcuterie from some great purveyors around the country, and for a guy like me that is tough to ignore. Unfortunately, they are prohibited by Grand Central from selling anything that would resemble a “sandwich” or packaged lunch (probably to protect the food court vendors downstairs.)  So, if we were to enjoy the new Murray’s Salami, in a lunchtime form, it was up to us to create our own sandwiches, made from ingredients foraged from the market.  Most importantly, it would have to be under $10 a person. (Spending more than that on lunch, is a crime against humanity… unless it’s an all you can eat buffet- in which case you are allowed to spend a little more.)

Blondie and Brownie weighed in first, followed by Lunch’er Dave, and finally Lunch’er Max. And now, the Midtown Lunch entry, from start to finish.  In all its glory.

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Sneak Peak: Midtown Lunch Takes the Salami Challenge


Since we posted about the opening of Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Market a few weeks ago, a couple of brave souls have stepped up to take the challenge of creating a sandwich made from their top notch meats (and the bread available next door at Carrado Bakery.) The only rule was to keep it under $10 per person (and you could bring as many people as you wanted to increase the number of ingredients you could afford to put in the sandwich.) Well, I couldn’t wait any longer- and yesterday I met couple of friends of mine at the Grand Central Terminal Market to create a monstrosity worthy of the Midtown Lunch name. The full post will go up on Monday, but here’s a sneak peak at the first ingredient that went down onto the bread…

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Murray’s Sandwich Challenge: Take 3


And we have another entry in the Grand Central Terminal Market sandwich challenge.  To recap: can you make an under $10 Midtown Lunch’ish sandwich, or sandwiches, from ingredients purchased from the newly opened Murray’s Salami (and the other shops in the Grand Central Terminal market.)  Blondie and Brownie weighed in first, followed by Lunch’er Dave, and now… Max.

2 of my compatriots and I ventured in the semi-brutal cold to Grand Central Market to try the Murray’s challenge. (We went a little crazy, also picking up 3 pieces of very nice seasonal Murray’s pumpkin cheese cake for dessert, but I am excluding that splurge from the challenge.) We gorged ourselves on speck, mozz, and salami, had a photo shoot and assembly party back @ the office. I think our per capita expenditure will definitely be lower next go round (oh yes!), but this was gooddamn delicious!!

Last week there was a complaint about not being about to get a sense of scale from the photo… so after the jump is a list of ingredients, plus a photo that gives you better perspective of the sandwich size.

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Murray’s Salami Challenge: Take 2

Following in Blondie and Brownie’s footsteps, another lunch’er has taken up the challenge to create a great sandwich, for under $10 at the newly opened Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Terminal Market (enter on Lexington and 43rd). Lunch’er Dave has ratcheted it up a notch, with two meats, and one cheese. Here’s everything he bought:


“A few co-workers and myself hit up [Murray's Salami] for the $10 Sandwich Challenge. For two sandwiches we came in at $20.35 no tax but thats only due to the Murrays cheese lady squeezing us with .3 instead of the requested 1/4 pound. Corrado bakery Loaf of Ciabatta for $4. 1/2 Lb of Murrays Hot Calabrese $7.99. 1/4 Lb of Murrays Salami $3.50. 1/4 Lb of Murrays Gorgonzola Cremificato $4.00.”

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Free Expensive Salami Alert

Murray's SalamiWe’re hearing from the good folks over at Murray’s Salami, in the Grand Central Terminal Market, that they will be giving out free samples of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota on Thursday November 13th (tomorrow) from 3 to 7 p.m.  I’m sure the samples will be small, but at $100 a pound, I’ll take whatever they’re willing to give.

Make Your Own Sandwich at the New Murray’s Salami

Murray's Sandwich!
Photo added to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool by nycblondieandbrownie

Blondie and Brownie accepted the Murray’s Salami challenge, and proved that you can put together a tasty looking sandwich in the Grand Central Terminal Market for under $10. Ingredients: coppa from the newly opened Murray’s Salami, mozzarella from Murray’s Cheese, and bread from Corrado’s Bakery.  Also, Eater is reporting that if you spend more than $25 at Murray’s Salami, they’ll give you a four pack of Niman Ranch hot dogs.  It may be time to round up three friends, and head over to the Grand Central Terminal Market (entrance on Lexington and 43rd).