Murray’s Salami Adds Porktastic Sandwich Created by Midtown Luncher

And we have a winner!  A few weeks ago Murray’s Salami introduced a new line of pre packaged, individual sized servings of sandwich meats inspired by our quest to create a great sandwich during lunchtime using ingredients from the Grand Central Terminal Market. They also agreed to a contest where one of you would get to design the ultimate Midtown Lunch sandwich pack, which would then get added to the menu (with the prize being a giant charcuterie platter worth $150.)  Well, you guys responded with a ton of great options (with the blog Blondie and Brownie going so far as holding a taste test to come up with their entries.) Unfortunately, there can be only one winner.

“THE MAGICAL ANIMAL” Submitted by Lunch’er “Justin”

Simpsons reference. Check. Its exclusive focus on pork products. Double check. I can’t think of a better sandwich to attach the Midtown Lunch name to. We did, however, make one change. Justin’s suggestion called for Prosciutto di Parma, Niman Ranch ham, Porchetta Primata, and provolone… but provolone doesn’t come from a pig (that would be a truly magical pig.) So, we replaced the cheese with Fra’Mani’s Salame Rossa. What can I say? As much I love cheese, I love pork even more- and if you’re going to do it… you might as well go all the way, right?

So congrats to Justin! And for all you pork lovers out there, the “Magical Animal” is available beginning today and costs $8.99. Thanks to everyone for entering!

Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Terminal Market (Enter on Lexington & 43rd).   212-867-7202


  • Congrats to Justin and to all who partake of the delectable treat!

  • You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad!

    Congrats Justin!!

  • I’m in awe. I still think my sandwich was better but I guess I’ll have to try that one first to weigh in ;)

  • That’s funny….. well done Justin!

  • Yum! Congrats Justin! I can’t wait to partake of the Magical Animal. Mmmm…piggy.

  • I demand a recount!!! This is a democracy!!

    Congrats Justin!

  • I was away on Holiday during this………bugger.

  • “if you’re going to do it… you might as well go all the way”

    I’m sorry. The correct answer was “Go whole hog. Whole hog.”

  • I would just like to say none of this would be possible without the help of one Homer J. Simpson. An culinary inspiration to us all.

  • Aw. “We love Homer Simpson, but we love Midtown Lunch readers even more.”

  • Zach, I thought the sandwich was going to be named “Midtown Lunch” named after your blog. Did I miss something somewhere?

  • Justin, your talents never seem to amaze me. You designing a sandwich is like Beethoven writing his first symphony, I think this is going to become a pattern!


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