Make Your Own Sandwich at the New Murray’s Salami

Murray's Sandwich!
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Blondie and Brownie accepted the Murray’s Salami challenge, and proved that you can put together a tasty looking sandwich in the Grand Central Terminal Market for under $10. Ingredients: coppa from the newly opened Murray’s Salami, mozzarella from Murray’s Cheese, and bread from Corrado’s Bakery.  Also, Eater is reporting that if you spend more than $25 at Murray’s Salami, they’ll give you a four pack of Niman Ranch hot dogs.  It may be time to round up three friends, and head over to the Grand Central Terminal Market (entrance on Lexington and 43rd).


  • Beautiful.

  • In before the flood of horrible hide the salami references. I may have to hit them up and make Bresaola at my desk..

  • OMG that’s a formidable amount of moz. So what did you dress it with? Olive oil and vinegar? A little dijon?

    Once more B&B impress us all.

  • I cannot wait to meet the venerable “Liz” from Murray’s Salami.

    She has promised to tutor me in the intracacies of manufacturing lardo, should that make you insanely jealous.

  • that looks like an amazing sandwich!

  • I agree.

  • Chucky,Liz will take one look at your tits and cancell her fat order for the year.

  • Wow. That coppa! I call the one on the left. Nice one, B&B.

  • It was delicious. Best part: Leftovers made awesome mid-afternoon snacks

  • totally unrelated to this post or this type of food…I’m going to Jackson Heights tonight to eat at Roti Boti.. I’m just so excited I wanted to share it with someone!

  • We are so happy for you.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of fresh mozz. I’m impressed. Now all you need is some fresh herbs. Basil would be nice, but the rosemary I have by my desk would work also.

  • excellent point. That sandwich is begging for some basil and sweet tomatoes, or sundried tomatoes. mummmmm

  • BTW – I went there on Saturday and though there are signs up around the Terminal that say you get free hot dogs with $25 purchase, if you go to the actual counter, the sign behind the register says free BACON with $25 purchase. And I just made it to $25 (25.05, without really trying, to be honest!), so I received a 12 ounce package of thick cut applewood smoked bacon, Niman Ranch, it looks so fraggin’ good… (picture on my bento site,, in about 15 minutes)

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