Murray’s Salami Challenge: Take 2

Following in Blondie and Brownie’s footsteps, another lunch’er has taken up the challenge to create a great sandwich, for under $10 at the newly opened Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Terminal Market (enter on Lexington and 43rd). Lunch’er Dave has ratcheted it up a notch, with two meats, and one cheese. Here’s everything he bought:


“A few co-workers and myself hit up [Murray's Salami] for the $10 Sandwich Challenge. For two sandwiches we came in at $20.35 no tax but thats only due to the Murrays cheese lady squeezing us with .3 instead of the requested 1/4 pound. Corrado bakery Loaf of Ciabatta for $4. 1/2 Lb of Murrays Hot Calabrese $7.99. 1/4 Lb of Murrays Salami $3.50. 1/4 Lb of Murrays Gorgonzola Cremificato $4.00.”

And the finished product is after the jump… 


Clearly the gauntlet has been lowered. I will need to hit this place up very very soon (maybe I’ll scope things out this afternoon, when I’m getting my free sample of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.)

You can see more photos of the sandwich here.


  • That last picture is one sandwich? That’s enough to fill up a guy? Come on now. Blondie & Brownie at least each had full sandwiches. Certain of my thin guy friends would wolf that down and ask where’s the rest. That isn’t even enough for ME!!!

  • Love the Coke Zero in the background.

  • its deceiving, that is a half loaf of bread, it filled me quite well actually.

  • Zach picks larger lunches from his teeth.

  • Yvo: That sandwich is pretty much half a loaf of ciabatta, the picture chosen is very deceiving. It’s about 2 times larger than the sandwich from Blondie & Brownie with a half pound of filling. Click through on the photo and check out the photostream to get the full picture. I can put away a lot of food, and this was a battle to the end! Our main issue with the B&B sandwich was the bland bread, mozz and single meat. This one is incredibly bold tasting, spicy and HUGE!!

  • Going forward, there should be rulers in the foreground of all such pictures. Depending on the diameter of that plate, this could be sandwich enough, but without this critical information I’m skeptical.

    If no ruler is available, a photo of the sandwich on a mailroom scale would also suffice.

  • Good call Chip Beef. If anyone goes by Corrado bakery, look up at the Ciabatta loaf ($4). Trim off the end nub, cut it in half and that’s the size of this sandwich. Add half a pound of the finest meats and cheeses in the land into the middle, and I’ll pay for your half if you aren’t full after eating this thing!

  • Clearly we need Danny and his phallus-enhancing camerawork to take all future torpedo-shaped meat-based photos

  • Seems like the choice of cheese was too strong and overpowered the meat? Maybe something more mellow like a provolone with those meats.

  • I will start eating meat again for this.

  • dom – the gorg did a few things: 1) The bread is very crusty and very thick, a mellow cheese like prov wouldn’t stand a chance unless it was very sharp and perhaps smoked. Then it would be a good choice, but this wasn’t available sliced for us. 2) It provided the emolient. This is the cremificato gorg, which is very gooey and creamy, and fairly mild for a gorg. With no budget for EVO, and no desire for mayo, this did the trick in avoiding a dryer sandwich (pork fat played it’s usual role here as well). As a third bonus, I love the combination of a spicy cured meat and a blue cheese, but that one’s personal.

  • it. is. on. brother.

  • I like the way you think, sickchangeup.

  • It looks like the cheese choice was well thought out then. I think brie would have worked nicely as well. Get a third person to join and and maybe purchase smoked peppers in oil and some lettuce and tomato.

  • Great description Sickchangeup, I like your choice of using the gorg after reading your reply.
    I am officially hungry now.

  • Smoked peppers in oil?? dave – we need a third person STAT.

  • ya we discussed this, adding a third person. Peppers didnt cross my mind, but now that i hear it, 3rd person is needed. we could even get your EVO and peppers moving around meat and cheese choices. I think monday will be a good day.

  • just for the record: you can get 1/4 pound of the amazing tronchetta di porchetta at murray’s salume ($5.00), one loaf italian bread at zaro’s ($1.50), and 1/4 lb of brocolli rapini with oil and garlic from ceriello’s ($2.00), all for $8.50 and all under 10 steps from each other (and enough for one or two sandwiches). for even cheaper, you can get a little less than 1/2 lb of the pork loin instead of the porchetta. you’d even have enough money left over to grab a few slices of a provolone type cheese from murray’s cheese or a small coffee from joe’s.

  • I am sure your coworkers appreciated the stench of that gorgonzola.

    This is why you are doomed to be a telemarketer (ie, “Judy the Time-Life Operator”) the rest of your life. Or until the folks in India take your job. Which is likely sooner rather than later.

    Then you’ll be relegated to delivering matresses like McBeagle.

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