Free Expensive Salami Alert

Murray's SalamiWe’re hearing from the good folks over at Murray’s Salami, in the Grand Central Terminal Market, that they will be giving out free samples of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota on Thursday November 13th (tomorrow) from 3 to 7 p.m.  I’m sure the samples will be small, but at $100 a pound, I’ll take whatever they’re willing to give.


  • Zach, I like free food as much (actually much more) than the next guy, but this is actually a little sad.

    Practically every deli counter in the US & A will cut you a tiny “sample slice” of anything they offer, including super expensive porks. This is not a special event.

    You got served!

  • Alex/Adam is going to snag all the samples of pricey salami, sell them off, and start up a retirement account.

  • DDR, you’re missing the boat on this one. You couldn’t even *get* jamon iberico in the U.S. until last year. It’s still only sporadically available–you can’t just walk into a deli and order it.

  • I believe all the Fairway delis have it.

    However, if that’s your bag — by all means, enjoy

  • Chucky, here’s a golden opportunity to smuggle some salami back to the trailer in Arkansas (Twitchy will be pleased)

    You could get in line as yourself, your wife, your doll, Charles Treuter, Chiffonade, DocChuck, CockChug, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc and eat the whole piggy

  • I haven’t been to all the Fairways, but jamon serrano is not jamon iberico. You can’t get the latter from Zingerman’s except occasionally, there was only a short window last year where you could get it from Murray’s downtown–this is hard stuff to source.

  • DDR,
    Jamon Iberico Belota is to the smoked/cured meat world what Ch. Petrus is to the wine world. Very rare, very expensive , insanely good. Run, don’t walk there to try some. I believe it’s closer to $175/lb when sold sliced off the bone. So expensive this is probably NOT the kind of thing you’d casually just ask for a free taste of on a normal day and then not purchase.

  • I am awaiting a very large wire transfer from an offshore bank headed by a trustworthy man named Lord Francis Scott, should that send you into writhing fits of envy. It will facilitate the purchase of a rather magnificent Best Western in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. I cannot travel until it is received.

    Should that arrive early, however, I will head to my wife’s salon for some touchup grooming and board the Amtrak for New Yawk City. I do so look forward to meeting Liz from Murray’s Salami. Although she is yet to reply to my missives, she has promised to personally see to my salami needs. They are complicated, but I am sure she is more than up to the task.

  • OK Sarah and b-eater – thanks for the education.
    Gotta say though since you made the comparison – I wouldn’t make a special trip to Grand Central to taste a thimble of Petrus, either, which is basically what you’re getting from Murray’s.
    AWWW fuck it. I’ll see you there at 3.

  • Petrus ’47? that will be $500 a thimble.

  • Don’t be ridiculous. A ’47 Petrus is about $5000 from a reputable dealer (i.e. not Scores). Even with a generous 10ml thimble, that is only $67. $500 would get you an entire half glass.

  • There are less than 200 bottles left, its listed @ £9000 on the London wine exchange.


  • The Chateau PETRUS – Pomerol (VSLC.)

  • Holy crap that is expensive for a bottle. Are you sure it isn’t a magnum?

  • JJ Buckley claims to have a bottle at just under $5000:

  • Tom,”Blend”…its rebottled, possibly from water damaged stock.

  • Eww, yuck!

  • McBeagle delivers matresses in Pittburgh, people. His wine comes in a box.

  • DocChuck photographs undressed young boys in public swimming pool changing areas in rural Arkansas, people. His wine comes from Boone’s Farm (although when he offers it to young boys, he calls it “jesus juice” in a homage to his beloved Michael Jackson, if such things incriminate you)

  • I already had my sample. It was delicious.

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