Sneak Peak: Midtown Lunch Takes the Salami Challenge


Since we posted about the opening of Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Market a few weeks ago, a couple of brave souls have stepped up to take the challenge of creating a sandwich made from their top notch meats (and the bread available next door at Carrado Bakery.) The only rule was to keep it under $10 per person (and you could bring as many people as you wanted to increase the number of ingredients you could afford to put in the sandwich.) Well, I couldn’t wait any longer- and yesterday I met couple of friends of mine at the Grand Central Terminal Market to create a monstrosity worthy of the Midtown Lunch name. The full post will go up on Monday, but here’s a sneak peak at the first ingredient that went down onto the bread…


Rabbit Pate with prunes and cognac bitches! That’s right people… we’re not fucking around. I had tempered expectations going into it, but I have to say the ”thing” we made could possibly have been the greatest sandwich ever created.  (And no turkey, so it shouldn’t make you sick to look at the whole thing on Monday… Oh, who am I kidding.  Of course it will make you sick!)


  • Hahaha!! Wow, Zach has raised the bar on this challenge.

  • errr, Zach, I think someone hurled on your bread. (My cat left one of those deposits on our living room floor over the weekend.)

  • @moze – If your cat shits rabbit pate this good, I would like to purchase your cat.

  • I agree with both comments. Yes, it does look like cat sick. Yes, I also would purchase a cat that vomited rabbit pate with prunes. I would out bid you zach, if it came to that… and if he pooped melba toast for the pate, who know how high I’d bid. who know?

  • Eating rabbit crosses some sort of line for me.

  • Ross, what if it they just called it Pâté de Lapin?

  • Zach, you know I heart your site and I will eat just about anything at least once – well, the once for rabbit passed already. Sad face. It’s the one meat I tried and never really got into… I don’t get the appeal. Poor little bunny, what did he do to you?! He just wanted to eat Farmer MacGregor’s garden veggies… unless you ARE the farmer… I guess… I don’t know, I’m all confused and sad now :(

  • watch the language Zach, what would your mother say? ;)

    all joking aside, a sandwich made with some rabbit pate is off to a good start!

  • Next you’re gonna be eating tripe out of a sketchy food cart.

  • Zach, remember the ingredients so you can make Mamacita & I one to share (instead of a cigarette) after she accepts my Salami Challenge.

  • People… this is not *a* rabbit. It’s rabbit.

  • Rabbit AND Venison Pate!!! Thumper AND Bambi!

    Maybe Some Duck Confit,Daffy!

    And Black Pudding,Better not..

    And Butter.

  • Like fine scotch, single rabbit pate is way better then that blended crap.

  • i don’t know. the only pate to every cross my lips was quickly spit into a napkin. it’s going to take more than that to make me jealous!!!

  • Scotch is a drink.

    It’s either Scottish or Scots.

    And Fortnum and Masons don’t do ‘crap’.

  • All you need is a zippo to toast up that bread…

  • lol @Rudy, haha, thumper and bambi. that’s awesome.

    are you into Dumbo too?

  • Zach – I’m with you 100%. That looks like a DELICIOUS start to a sandwich. Also would note that Zaro’s bread is an option too (not just Corrado), for our latest trip we went with Zaro’s rosemary ciabatta over the plain Corrado ciabatta.

  • Zaro’s chocolate croissant is better than Corrado’s but I always find Zaro’s strikingly mediocre.

    We need a Levain Bakery in Grand Central Market. Cookies to $6!

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