Murray’s Salami Adding Special “Lunch Trays”; One Lucky ML Reader to Get $150 Worth of Meat

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It appears as if all of our sandwich making at Murray’s Salami in the Grand Central Market has gotten noticed. Starting this week, Murray’s is offering a selection of “Lunch Trays” for those interested in making their own sandwiches (but don’t want to gather three friends together to split the bill.) You’ll still have to provide your own bread and condiments, but the lunch trays will feature an assortment of meats and cheese hand picked to make a great sandwich. Here are some of combos already being offered:

  • The Italian Job (Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Genoa salame, and Provolone)
  • Cubano (Pork loin, Niman Ranch ham, and Swiss Emmenthaler)
  • Some Like It Hot (Salumeria Biellese pepperoni, Columbus Calabrese salame, and chorizo)
  • The Classic Revisited (Niman Ranch applewood smoked ham, house-roasted turkey, and aged Cabot cheddar)

The packs will run you anywhere from $8 to $9, which admittedly doesn’t leave much room for bread and condiments to get you under the $10 Midtown Lunch price cap… but the packs have over 1/2 pound of meat, so you could easily buy two rolls and get two sandwiches out of it if you wanted.

But here is the best part: Murray’s is offering Midtown Lunch readers the chance to suggest the ingredients for a special “Midtown Lunch” tray, and the lunch’er whose creation gets chosen will win a huge meat platter.  Details after the jump…

Here’s the email I got from Murray’s:

In response to the Murray’s Real Salami “Sandwich Challenge” series of posts, the shop is granting Midtown Lunch its very own meat and cheese tray (“The Midtown Lunch”) — and you’re invited to create it. Just propose a pre-sliced tray of no more than four meats and cheeses, total, from any of Real Salami’s merchandise (except patés — sorry Zach, it’s too difficult to Cryovac with other items). The components should be complementary in a lunchtime sandwich or eaten straight from the tray, and include elements that collectively could be sold for $10 or less (i.e. don’t suggest the Jamon Iberico de Belotta, which retails for $99.99 a pound.) Entries must be in by 5 PM on Friday, December 19th. The winner will receive a custom charcuterie platter that feeds 10-15 people. It will consist of some of the most exciting products sold at the store, including: La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa; Surry Farm, Surryano; Vermont Smoke and Cure Boneless Ham; Creminelli Sopressata; Columbus Felino; Framani Salametto Piccante; Fabriques Delices Venison Pate, Mixed Antipasti; Tracklements Whole Grain Mustard; and Petites Toast Crackers. (Value: $150)

Alright… so you have your marching orders. Submit your suggestions in the comments below. If more than one person suggests the same combo, the comment that was submitted first will be the one eligible for the prize. Please be sure to include your email address in the email field so we have a way of contacting you (your email will not show up on the site). For a list of options, you can go to the store or visit


  • House-Roasted Turkey, Pancetta, Gouda

  • Fra’mani Rosemary Ham, Guanciale, Emmentaler Swiss

  • prosciutto and fresh mozz. roasted red peppers too, but that’s not their bag.

  • Cheap Ham & Cheese:
    Irish Chedder
    Applewood Smoke Ham, Niman Ranch
    Prosciutto Granbiscotto

  • Iberian Rumble: Jambon Royale, Queso Tetilla, (light) Chorizo

  • Applewood Smoked Ham, Porchetta Primata, Sopressata, Mozzarella Smoked Lioni

  • wow .. I just had a food coma reading the entries…

  • Salame Rosa Framani,Jamon Royale, French Brie

  • Bresaola, parm/regg.

  • I call it Murray’s Jewish Deli Classic: Corned Beef (Niman Ranch) 1/4 pound Pastrami, 1st Cut Brisket, (Niman Ranch) 1/4 pound and Optional Mustard, DeLouis Old Fashioned

  • Oh my god! Oh my god!

  • Murray’s Jewish Deli Classic!

  • The Midtown Tony Soprano: Coppa, Salumeria Biellese (Gobagoo); Mozzarella, Salted Lioni (from NJ); Creminelli, Sopressata (pressed between planks)

  • Personally, I’d like a “Jon Hamm” sandwich..

  • YAY…
    Prosciutto, roast beef, fresh mozz, and parmesan.
    (Rosario’s had a sandwich like this and it was HEAVEN. Remember Rosario’s? I’m still sad they closed.)
    Although to be Midtown Lunch’ish, I guess it would be about right to do cheaper items, heh. Perhaps – dare I say – domestic prosciutto? :X

  • What about one called:

    Ham Job – Tasso, Salame Rosa, Spec, and a cheese. (meats can change, it’s the name i’m after.)

  • Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey and fresh Mozzarella=midtown lunch

  • The Magical Animal- Prosciutto di Parma, Niman Ranch ham, Porchetta Primata, and Provolone

  • The Midtown Muncher – Guanciale, Jambon Royale, and Comte St. Antoine.

    (PICK ME PICK ME..haha)

  • Gotta go with my combo from the challenge:

    Fennel salami [Finocchiona]
    Smoked speck
    Thin sliced mozzarella
    Basil leaves right inside the vacuum wrap

    “The Italian InSpecktor”


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