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Snapshots: NYT Isn’t the Only One Who Hated Otarian

Otarian Exterior

We never bothered checking out Otarian, the health conscious, eco-friendly shitshow fast food place on 8th Ave. and 56th that shuttered back in January.  But The New York Times hated it, and apparently they weren’t the only ones.  Ouch!  Hope that won’t effect something better moving into the space…

Smoothie Cart Discovers That Sex Sells

Fruit smoothie cart

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that sex sells – whether you’re hawking clothing, cars, or, I guess in some cases, smoothies and fruit salad (!?) You can kill ‘em with cuteness, or you can take the sexy approach like this  enterprising smoothie cart operator on 56th and Broadway (located across the street from Hooters, natch). When I walked by the cart later, there were two customers in line, although both of them were women- go figure.

Mrs. Fields Will Put Anything on a Giant Cookie

probably the most amazing Mrs Fields cookiegram ever

File this under things that make you say, WTF. A recent lunchtime walk in Rock Center concourse yielded this cookie gram gem.

Arang Now Serving “Chicken Asshole House”

Posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool by Pabo76:

Chicken Asshole House + Soju

Passed by Arang today and noticed their new Happy Hour specials, which include a delicious dish of “Chicken Asshole House + Soju,” for $25. Actually the Korean name of the dish “Dak Dhong Chip BokKum” literally translates to “Fried Chicken Shit House,” which is perhaps even worse. However, I’m sure they really meant to say “Fried Chicken Gizzards.”

Personally I’ve never been too big a fan of the dish myself, despite the fact that my mother and others have always told me that the “Dhong Chip” was the best the part of the chicken. It certainly won’t kill you, and after enough soju you’ll never know the difference anyway. Besides, it tastes just like chicken.

Arang, 9 W 32nd St. (btw. B’way+5th)

Snapshots: $2 Burger, BuckBagel, Yaki Uni Don

Do you take photos of your lunch? Upload them to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool! Here are some of our favorites from the past few weeks…

Schnipper's Cheseburger
This meal from Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen cost $4 last week. Photo by Pabo76

mul naeng myun @ big bowl
Mul naeng myun @ Big Bowl in Food Gallery 32. Photo by Bionic Bites

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Snapshots: Ramen, Burgers & Bi Bim Bap

Need some inspiration for lunch today?  Here are some of the tastier looking photos that have been added to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Pool over the past few months…

Spicy Miso Ramen from Hide Chan (on 52nd btw. 2+3rd). Photo by Chantastic!

Double Shack Burger w/the works
Double Shack Burger from Shake Shack (on 44th & 8th). Photo by ExFlexitarian.

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Bacon Police Spotted in Midtown?

Sorry… I know it’s a little late, but we couldn’t resist posting this one.  Bringing new meaning to the term ‘Pigs” it seems the Bacon Police were in full gear around 3rd ave and 50th street last week.  We know it was for a movie (anybody know which one?) but after reading about this hamburger made entirely of bacon, we’re starting to think Bacon Police might be necessary.

UPDATE: It was for a McDonald’s commercial in France.

Want to Take A Big Dump on Times Square?


The Times Square toilet paper sponsored pop up restrooms are baaaaaaack! (Insert “plop” up jokes here.)  Just another of the many reasons I love hate love to hate just have to laugh at working in Midtown this time of year.

I Don’t Know Who Carla Marie Is, But She Looks Damn Tasty


This comedy graciously provided by the good folks at the Abbondanza Cafe (on 46th btw. B’way+6th.)

Meal O’bama is Wrong, But Obama Condoms Are Fun!


Normally I keep my head down and walk as fast I can through Times Square. And yet somehow I managed to spot this scene on my way to lunch at the NYC Cravings Truck yesterday. First thought: jailbait. Second thought: it’s funny how Meal O’bama is coerced into changing their name to Kwik Meal IV, but this is just fine and dandy. Third thought: if this guy went to law school, but couldn’t get a job as a lawyer, he’d be on Fox News for coming up with this brilliant business idea.

Meal O’Bama Pressured Into Changing Name to Kwick Meal IV
Kwik Meal Kin Opens New Cart, Touches off Feud Over 45th & 5th