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Midtown Snapshots: What’s a Pretzerl?


Typos on carts is a pretty common occurance, but there is something about this one I just love.  Maybe because of how big it is?  I don’t know.  It’s just awesome.  (I think the cart is on Park Ave. somewhere, but can’t remember the exact location.)

“Midtown Snapshots” continues after the jump, with roast pig, kati rolls, KFC, and your first look at the “Colonel’s Heart Attack”

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Midtown Snapshots: Cop vs. Ice Cream

Photo Courtesy of Danny from Food in Mouth

“Saw this after work yesterday on 32nd. The truck was right next to wichcraft, and there was a No Standing sign there. That cop was just stern as hell. Wrote up the truck and didn’t want to hear it from the ice cream guy. The ice cream guy was so disgusted.” -Lunch’er Danny

Gross ML Photo Gets Props from Print Magazine

You know the gross (and somewhat embarrassing) photo I post of all my lunches at the end of the year?  Inexplicably, Photo Magazine’s new food issue (August 2009, in stores now) thinks it’s “hypnotic” and “sublime”.  “All those beige carbs and and lunch meats form a compelling quilt of everyday eating.” [via Eat Me Daily]

Sign of Summer: Mr. Softee Traffic Jam

Mr. Softee

Got this pretty funny photo and email from Lunch’er Harry on Friday.  Spotted on the West side of 55th and 6th: “There was was one Mr. Softee truck on EACH corner and another one pulled up into the intersection.  I think he was looking for a spot too.”

Snapshots: Tourists Are Still Scared of Swine Flu?!?


WTF. Seriously? This is what I saw during lunch today walking towards Times Square on 45th Street btw. 6+7th Ave. (I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch her friend… also with mask.)  If anything, it’s us who should be wearing masks to protect ourselves from you out of towners! Well, maybe not a mask so much as a giant people plow to clear a path towards lunch…

Midtown Snapshots: Who Wants Free Street Doughnuts?


Another super depressing sight on the streets of Midtown today, this time involving my favorite food of all time.  Never have I wanted more to be a Midtown pigeon.  (It was the French crueller… I freakin’ love French cruellers.)  Though unlike “the cookie incident”, I didn’t cause this disaster I just happened upon it (I think it was on 53rd btw. 5th & Madison, but I’m can’t remember for sure.) Which leads me to this final thought:  Who drops a dozen doughnuts on the street!?!  Stale bread is one thing… but doughnuts?  It should be against the law.

Midtown Snapshots: The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Snapshots: The Duck Duck Goose Edition

shredded duck noodle soup @ hing won
Photo by bionicgrrrl

Shredded Duck Noodle Soup from Hing Won (on 48th btw. 5+6th). “Not pretty, but oh so good. i ate this every day for lunch for 2 months.” -bionicgrrrl

Photo by Lunch’er Wayne

The Duck Pastrami Reuben from FreeFoods NYC. “Just…. wow. It’s like they were saving that duck pastrami as a secret weapon for just such an occasion. As the first sandwich in your challenge, this will be a really tough one to beat. And if every ML Challenge sandwich is like this we will all be obese by March.” -Wayne

Ok, so there’s no goose… but there’s some Swedish meatballs, quiche, and baked apples w/ whipped cream, after the jump.

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Midtown Snapshots: Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


Two chocolate chip cookies with nuts from the Treats Truck lying face down on 47th Street & 6th Ave.  How do I know they were from the Treats Truck?  Because I’m the one who dropped them… urgh, it’s so sad.  Lesson: Don’t carry a paper bag with cookies in a gloved hand on a super cold day.  You may not feel that bag slip out of your hand, and then by the time you notice and retrace your steps, the cookies may be lying in the middle of the street. If I can help one person avoid the same thing happening to them, then maybe it was worth it.  Oh, who am I kidding.  It could never be worth it.  I think I’m going to cry.

At Lunch Now: Times Square Around Noon Today

Midtown Snapshots: Some Tourists Are Smart!

Murray's Salami

I know my bashing of tourists is wrong (after all, we are all tourists whenever we go somewhere else) but sorry I can’t help it. It comes from working across the street from Rockefeller Center for 3 years, and being forced to walk through Times Square every single night to get home. But yesterday, I spotted this awesome group of Italian tourists in front of Murray’s Salami, in the Grand Central Market (I decided to stop by for a free sample of coppa.) The group had come up with the brilliant idea of buying some bread at Corrado’s Bakery, and combining it with some proscuitto from Murray’s Salami for a midday snack. Genius!!! It only goes to show that great food ideas transcend language and culture… well, that and Italians know how to eat.