Midtown Lunch 2008 in One Gigantic Photo

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, we always end the year with a gigantic photo of every lunch consumed in Midtown that year.  Whether or not I should be proud or ashamed is something I’ll leave to you… but I’m pretty sure my wife and mother are concerned for my health, and this spectacle will only validate their fears.

So here it is… a photo of every Midtown Lunch in 2008


Happy New Year… and see you in 2009!!!


The 2007 Photo
The 2006 Photo


  • At least 3/4 of the lunches are or include something fried. Mmm.

  • How about a montage of every Tuesday freak in 2008?

  • Don’t think I’ve forgotten, there is a very important pic missing. You were challenged to try the sandwiches at Duane Reed or was it some other drugstore?

  • Have a safe & happy new year, Zach, and best to the baby :)

  • Y’know, viewing this montage on the flickr page with firefox/cooliris is mindblowing!

  • Yes,I’ll have one of each.

    With Butter.

    Happy New year.

  • Happy New Year everyone.
    This post is just reminding me how much I need to go on a diet, ugh.

  • Wow. It’s all so…. beige
    Happy New Year Zach! Here’s to another year of fabulous eating!

  • Wow, Zach. This is a thing of beauty. Thanks for putting it together. Wishing you many great lunches in 2009.

  • No one can question your dedication to fried food, Zach. Happy New Year!

  • I hope you have had all your shots and that your life insurance is paid up!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

    Cheers, Chuck, PhD

  • I hope you enjoy sucking your own dick for New Years DocChuck!

  • Ben, chill out will you. At least be freakin clever when you diss someone.

  • Best New Year’s Wishes to everyone, even CockChug, who I know will be toasting us all with Thunderbird from his trailer in the Arkansas swampgrass while his sister, er, I mean “wife” makes fried peanut butter and banana finger sandwich hor dourves for the doll, the hamster and Sarah Hellerman.

  • OMG, Mamacita’s right! The Duane Reade Sandwich! Bring it, 2009!

  • You need to cut back on the Fried Foods Zach…

  • Mamacita, I’m tired of being “freakin clever” with that piece of shit.

  • Happy New Year to you, ben.

    Chuck PhD

  • When were you ever “freakin clever”? Your attacks on DocChuck are juvenile and unpleasant to read. I think Zach might be considering banning the wrong person.

  • I don’t care.

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