Midtown Snapshots: Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


Two chocolate chip cookies with nuts from the Treats Truck lying face down on 47th Street & 6th Ave.  How do I know they were from the Treats Truck?  Because I’m the one who dropped them… urgh, it’s so sad.  Lesson: Don’t carry a paper bag with cookies in a gloved hand on a super cold day.  You may not feel that bag slip out of your hand, and then by the time you notice and retrace your steps, the cookies may be lying in the middle of the street. If I can help one person avoid the same thing happening to them, then maybe it was worth it.  Oh, who am I kidding.  It could never be worth it.  I think I’m going to cry.


  • They look fine to me.

  • it’s so sad b/c you had to pay so much for them.

    dust it off, it’s just dirt…


  • i would cry and then laugh and then cry again.

  • I don’t know if the 5 second rule applies to New York City streets. Sure, you drop it on the floor of your home, or even your office, you’re golden. But a NYC street? I believe the only rule that applies is, “Forget about it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

  • Dude… if it was 5 seconds I would have picked ‘em up and dusted them off. But I had walked 2 blocks before I realized they were missing. When I walked back, this was the scene. Lord knows what had happened in those 3 minutes.

  • Should’ve traded them in for something different.

  • I don’t think the five second rule applies to manhattan sidewalks. Too many doggies and who knows what. You were right to leave them Zach, but that was a very sad picture. If you had some chalk on you at the time, you could have drawn a little frown underneath the cookies to make a little unhappy face.

  • You should have brought them back to the truck with tears brimming. You’d get warm replacements for sure. That happened to me and two dropped Sicilian slices a few years. Not only did they waste four slices on me but they had to clean up after ,e, too.

  • Yeah, but you’ve eaten at Tad’s and other random street meat carts – I see no worse…and being that it just snowed yesterday, the streets are probably cleaner than a number of places that I’ve seen profiled here.

    Even now, they are still good. I’d go back and pick them up before someone else does.

  • Or just tell me where. I’ll go get them.

  • (…and yes, I see the address in the original post…)

  • If this hade been anywhere else, I would have eaten them in a heartbeat — 5 second rule be damned.

    But (and it’s a BIG but) New York City is overrun with vermin and decay (not to mention infectious diseases like herpes).

    So I would have just bought a couple more without having a hissy (sissy) fit over it. I can certainly afford it.

  • No way, those cookies were dead one inch from the sidewalk. I’ll eat at a dirty street cart, but NYC streets are the nastiest beast. Even Los Angeles and San Fran have cleaner streets. (am I going to start a westcoast/eastcoast war?? Bring it!!)

  • Zach I made a tribute picture for you, please note the professional use of MS paint


  • @ Krieger – Well done sir. Well done.

  • That sucks regarding the cookies. I am willing to push the boundaries of fallen foods considerably, but you just can’t off a City Street–where you know a dog has peed at least once before….

  • Daniel that was brilliant!

  • Goats,
    Fess up. Were dogs and ‘Goats’ have peed before ;-)

  • that is SO sad. Unfair. You deserve a brownie, and a beer to go along with it.

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