Midtown Snapshots: Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


Two chocolate chip cookies with nuts from the Treats Truck lying face down on 47th Street & 6th Ave.  How do I know they were from the Treats Truck?  Because I’m the one who dropped them… urgh, it’s so sad.  Lesson: Don’t carry a paper bag with cookies in a gloved hand on a super cold day.  You may not feel that bag slip out of your hand, and then by the time you notice and retrace your steps, the cookies may be lying in the middle of the street. If I can help one person avoid the same thing happening to them, then maybe it was worth it.  Oh, who am I kidding.  It could never be worth it.  I think I’m going to cry.


  • Daniel, that’s awesome. I completely would have gone back to Kim and told her. Speaking of which, did you see the “Baldie” special? I got one.

  • make sure not to hold the baby in a paper bag with gloved hands…

  • good to know i’m not the only one who loves treats truck enough to walk several blocks in weather this cold for it… my gloves were leather though, therefore well gripped and raspberry jammy was safe when i arrived back at my desk. You should buy yourself some of those old-school grippy gloves with the little dots!

  • Zach, my deepest condolences. Are you accepting donations in your name in lieu of flowers?

  • OR……pick them up and bring them back for Mrs Zach…..’Babe…got you something from treats truck…”


  • If I didn’t tie up significant capital in another sweet investment deal in the Black Hills (think MONEY 4 YOUR GOLD), I would buy you the freaking Treat Truck. The whole damn thing.

    If only to stop the whining around here!!!!

    Zach, you’re a mensch and I have grown very fond of you, but there are worse things to complain about than a couple of cookies.

  • The 5 second rule is universal. New Yorkers have a tougher dexterity from a lifetime of honoring the 5 second rule off of new york streets.

  • DocChuck,

    Yes with the immense imaginary wealth you’ve accumulated (imaginary yacht, imaginary houses, imaginary businesses run by an imaginary version of your “wife”) you could very well drive your real Hyundai up to New Jersey and stay in one of those real Best Westerns you’re so fond of and offer the Treats Truck half your imaginary fortune! They’d be fools not to take it of course.

    Ben “NMtaB”

  • i once ate at 53rd and 6th hala cart before and the big dude dropped a peice of raw chicken on the floor that he was about to cook….he picked it up…and just put it on the side…im sure he threw it out later…NOT

  • Mamacita–only my friend Stan pees on the street! I hold it in at “almost” all costs—-

  • Damn, even the racist cookies didn’t get dropped…

  • I would’ve been very sad too if that happened to me.

  • it’s like how the bread always falls peanut butter side down.

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