Midtown Snapshots: Who Wants Free Street Doughnuts?


Another super depressing sight on the streets of Midtown today, this time involving my favorite food of all time.  Never have I wanted more to be a Midtown pigeon.  (It was the French crueller… I freakin’ love French cruellers.)  Though unlike “the cookie incident”, I didn’t cause this disaster I just happened upon it (I think it was on 53rd btw. 5th & Madison, but I’m can’t remember for sure.) Which leads me to this final thought:  Who drops a dozen doughnuts on the street!?!  Stale bread is one thing… but doughnuts?  It should be against the law.

Midtown Snapshots: The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


  • Where’s the guy who makes a meal out of free samples? He needs to get down there, pronto

  • I am sharing your heartache.
    R.I.P. French Cruller.

  • maybe they were moldy or something?

  • “53rd btw. 5th & Madison? That’s me!” she cried as she ran downstairs to see if there were any donuts left.

  • That’s odd. There was a dozen donuts on the ground outside of 45th at 6th ave. My girlfriend told me it’d be wrong to eat one, but god did I want to.

  • NYPD?

  • Keep away from my donuts!

  • For great donuts check out the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket at 47th and 2nd on Wednesdays. Not Just Rugelach has got a great greasy sugary fattening crispy apple cider donut for $.75, and the vendor closest to 2nd Ave (I forget the name) has a less greasy whole wheat version for $.50 that’s pretty tasty too.

    He’s on 47th & 2nd on Wednesdays?

  • I don’t remember the name, but it’s the first vendor right on the corner. They sell a mix of produce and baked goods. I’m gonna head over there today so I’ll report back but it shouldn’t be hard to find.

  • Maybe they were stale donuts! I almost PK’ed earlier holding cupcakes. Zach you’re making me want to start taking pictures of all the food I see on the street. That would be an awesome blog: “Street Food: …” I’m having trouble coming up with the subtitle. Too many food blogs already right. Oh well :P

  • DDR, the whole wheat apple cider donut vendor is Samascott Orchards. They’re at other greenmarkets around the city too, incl. Union Square on Fridays. They taste pretty darn good considering it’s health food and all.


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