Meal O’bama is Wrong, But Obama Condoms Are Fun!


Normally I keep my head down and walk as fast I can through Times Square. And yet somehow I managed to spot this scene on my way to lunch at the NYC Cravings Truck yesterday. First thought: jailbait. Second thought: it’s funny how Meal O’bama is coerced into changing their name to Kwik Meal IV, but this is just fine and dandy. Third thought: if this guy went to law school, but couldn’t get a job as a lawyer, he’d be on Fox News for coming up with this brilliant business idea.

Meal O’Bama Pressured Into Changing Name to Kwick Meal IV
Kwik Meal Kin Opens New Cart, Touches off Feud Over 45th & 5th


  • “Jailbait”
    *snort lol!*

  • Are they Obama Condoms because they are bigger than regular ones?

  • No, The people will think they are the best condoms ever, only the find out in short time they’re as good as the previous ones.

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    Monique went there.

  • dubs, someone had to

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    I’m just jealous that you got there before I did. But I had you last week, we’ll see who is faster next time.

  • Wow, BenBen, *high five* lol

    Aren’t minors usually skinnier???

    Ow, stop hitting me!

  • What’s next? Biden Blue Pills?

    Huh, Skinnier? This is America. You’re lucky they are only at that size. *dodge the thunder thigh kicks and hoof slaps*

  • How funny would it be if any of those girls turned out to be ML’ers?

  • Which head were you ‘keeping down’ as you walked rapidly through Times Square?

    These New Yawk City cuties, and their ‘short shorts’ make be glad that I do not have to walk through the ‘Square’, hopefully EVER.

  • dubs…we shall see. I wanted to go there last time but you beat me to the punch. So we’re even now. Better hope I dont have any work to do when the next obama post comes up.

    clearly those girls are tourists or insanely stupid…what respectable nyer would stop to talk to a guy with a condom sign over his head (or the fact that his mohawk looks like a reverse mullet)? it might as well say “date rapist”

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    Getting a “head” start on health care reform I presume.

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    I saw this guy a few weeks ago. He was saying “Obama condoms for hard times”

  • Midtown Lunchers? Who dress like that? I’m not saying we’re all styling, but rather we appear to all have jobs that don’t allow us to wear short-shorts. Am I wrong?

  • And the hippie hair! Geez!

  • Republicans spotted.

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    Listen… I think the real fat looser is the pathetic guy that took a picture of these random girls and posted it for people to see and for you sad morons to actually make fun of them seriously GROW UP.
    Hippie hair? its called CURLY maybe your bald and fat ugly
    for the photographer maybe your miserable with your pathetic life but by taking pictures of innocent people and posting it is pathetic
    oo and for YVO its called fucking shorts in the summer maybe you dress like shit .. YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

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    Hey Mike,

    A little primer:

    your – a possessive, similar to mine, his, her as in “your loose slut of a sister loses her mind every time she gets railroaded by your whole inbred, shitbag excuse of a family”, NO FUCKING APOSTROPHE

    you’re – a contraction of “you are”, as in “you’re a dipshit”, A FUCKING APOSTROPHE

    lose – the opposite of win, to misplace something, ONE FUCKING O

    lo=ose – the opposite of tight, your mother/wife/sister, TWO FUCKING O’s

    its – another possessive, similar to your, NO FUCKING APOSTROPHE

    it’s – a contraction of “it is”, as in ‘it’s fucking simple’, A FUCKING APOSTROPHE

    Need a trick? Fine – when using it’s or you’re, expand the contraction. If “you’re head is full of shit” becomes “you are head is full of shit” and doesn’t make any sense (maybe it will to you because you’re a fucking idiot), then you are using the wrong word. Queef.

    to – a preposition, as in “turn to the right” or “it’s time to go back to school”, ONE FUCKING O

    too – an adverb (know what that is?), synonymous with “also”, “as well” as in “Really? I went to college too. I actually read a FUCKING BOOK.” It can also be used to mean “to a regrettable degree” as in “It’s too late for you, moron”, TWO FUCKING O’s

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    they’re – a contraction of “they are” as in “they’re not responsible for your complete ignorance of YOUR OWN FUCKING LANGUAGE. READ A BOOK!!”

    I hope that helps, Fucktard.

  • MikeH signed up on Friday. He must be angry that his male lover didn’t have Obama rubbers when they were going at it. Too bad, bitch. Don’t blame us for your genital herpes medication or the gaping hole. No excuses for bad grammar either, unless you still can’t sit down properly…

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