Hallo Berlin Cart Returns from Monthlong Vacation


After taking the entire month of July off, the Hallo Berlin cart returned to their spot on 54th and 5th Ave. on Monday.   I also noticed (and I’m probably totally late to the game on this one) that the photos they use to promote their Democracy & Dictator Specials have changed again…


I remember Kennedy, Churchill, and in June of last year it was Angela Merkel (the first female Chancellor of Germany).  But if you order the Dempocracy special today (your choice of any two sausages), you’ll be ordering it from Barack Obama.  Sadly though, since the last time I ate at the cart, the price has gone up to $11. (Insert right wing joke here.)

As for the Dictators special (you don’t get to chose your sausages, natch) Stalin has been replaced by the famous mural featuring Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing on the lips. You can kind of see it in the photo above.

Hallo Berlin Cart is Still the Best October Lunch…


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    Naturally, the price increase was because the sausages are bigger now that it’s Obama.

  • Thank God for German food. Even if it’s off of a cart!

  • dubs went there

  • Those sanctimonious sausage shillers need to get with the times. Perfect pic for the Dictator Special would that pig-eyed socialist Hugo Chavez and Obama dry-humping like teenagers. Democracy Special pic should be the whole Honduran Government, who I am convinced are the only folks left with cojones in the western hemisphere.

  • I just realized how much it would suck to be a neo-con living in NYC. Seeing stuff like this must be sheer torture. Hah

  • Well, given the recent news, I think it should be Kim Jong Il as Dictator and Bill Clinton for the Democracy special.

  • Only in the twisted mind of right wingers could you find someone who thinks a coup is considered “democracy.” How’s the search for Obama’s birth certificate going? lol

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