Hallo Berlin Cart is Still the Best October Lunch…

What would October(fest) be without a trip to the Hallo Berlin Cart…

If you haven’t been yet, you’ve got to do it.  Best sausage in the city, and watching him operate the cart is quite a sight to behold.  My “Dictator’s Special” after the jump…


Formerly Mao, the face of the Dictator’s special is now Stalin.  One berliner and one bratwurst, sliced and topped with red and white cabbage (sauerkraut), grilled onions and German potatoes, plus a small soup and a roll ($9).  (If you want a choice, you have to order Churchill’s Democracy Special.)   

The soup of the day was Potato & Cauliflower, and it was amazing.  Forgot about soup carts this winter, I may just start hitting up the Hallo Berlin Cart- if it ever gets cold.

Only one week left to use October as an excuse to stuff your face with delicious German sausage.  The cart is on 54th & 5th Ave.


  • Okay, you talked me into it. Damn, that’s good stuff.

  • I don’t love the idea of making the 2 greatest murderers in history the namesake of a winter feast.

    Does he have a Hitler special? If so, I ain’t ever eating there.

  • When I tried it awhile back, I found the portions small, the food very greasy (and I LIKE grease). Took all of about 90 seconds to eat it. I needed a second lunch about 15 minutes later.

  • What happened to this blog? I enjoyed hearing about new places. But ever since its one year anniversary, it’s turned into a bunch of links to other websites, commentary/news about old places, etc.

  • I second Big Pimp….there hasn’t been anything new or interesting at all…..

  • I keep it PC and go with the Double Soul Food Mix — Same as the Dictator Special, except no soup and it’s only $7. Hard to find a better lunch – let alone a better $7 lunch.

  • and just when I am trying to cut back on carbs too. Damn those pictures!!!

  • Per BigPimp (really, you are….really?) and TSD – A site like this lives on contributions – one man, no matter how big and hungry he is, can find all the hidden culinary gems that MidLameTown has to offer. Offer up some hide-aways folks!

  • O(k)toberfest is long over. It ended more than 2 weeks ago, on Oct. 7. It only runs until the first Sunday in October. The “German” excuse for eating great sausage can only be used from late Sept. thru very early October, alas.

  • Who cares if oktober fest is over in Munich(a city that between the 8th Af and the RAF we flattened btw :))…Ladies get out to those carts grasp those facsist sausages and wave them in the chilly autumnal air and scream “ich bin ein wurst”.

  • Would the Stalin & the Hitler Sausage beat up on the Polish one?

  • rudy, yes but only until the wintertime and then the polish sausage and some russian kovbasa would team up and beat the crap outa them.

  • Oh wait. the fact that stalin was russian ruins my hilarious joke.

  • Yes, only here can an article on what is basically a glorified bloody hotdog tangent into angsty ridden hologaust shyte.

    I also give cigs to babies.

  • Stalin was Georgian.

  • So, George Washington was a Terrorist.

  • Sausage is my favorite food of all time. But, after my first visit to this cart, I will never go back. There was about a 30 min wait, made worse by the fact that a certain priviledged few were allowed to jump the line. Then, I ordered a bratwurst and a kielbasa, which were indistinguishable, overcooked, small and expensive. Can anyone suggest anywhere else for sausages in midtown?

  • WHO’S THE JOKER THAT TOLD US 5 GUYS WAS OPENING TODAY? we expect a public apology, and hope things like this are corrected in the future…

  • HB rocks…….BTW, Five Guys is NOT opening today as Midtown Lunch erroneously reported last week…..that was seriously bad color!

  • Yea, seriously. The only way to dig your way out of this hole is to buy all of your readers Five Guys on the day that it ACTUALLY DOES OPEN.

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