Meal O’Bama Pressured Into Changing Name to Kwick Meal IV


Speaking of Kwik Meal, I guess last week wasn’t the best week for Meal O’Bama- the fourth cart in Muhammad Rahman’s Kwik Meal empire. Apparently because of complaints from the building he was parked in front of (and surrounding restaurants), the police forced the cart to abandon its spot on 37th & 7th. And to add insult to injury, the cops told Muhammad he should probably change the name of the cart or he was “going to have problems.” The Obama administration has stated in the past that they disapprove of using “the president’s name and likeness for commercial purposes”, but as far as I know there is nothing illegal about it.

The cart has been renamed Kwick Meal IV, and is now parked on the NW corner of 6th Ave. and 37th.

UPDATE: This cart is now parked on 45th and 5th

Kwik Meal Names New Cart After (Irish?) President Obama


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