Free Cheese (With Purchase) Alert

Starting today, spend $25 at the Muarry’s Cheese or Murray’s Salami locations in the Grand Central Terminal Market and get 1/2 pound of Robiola Bosina for free. Offer is good at all Murray’s locations (not just Grand Central) while supplies last.


  • Is Robiola Bosina good? I’ve never heard of it, though I haven’t been to Murray’s in a while and could definitely stock up on their meats.

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    I was just down there and they had The Magical Animal package that’s been mentioned before on sale for 50% off, along with a bunch of other sales. Really easy to get a lot for 25 dollars.

  • Ooh, I was planning on hitting them up next week to stock up on my cheeses. I’m out of hard Italian cheese, what is wrong in the world?

    lollie – Magical Animal! Love it! :)

    Thanks for the heads up!

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