“Need Help Finding Guy Who Gave Me a Sausage”

I love it when Midtown Lunch brings people together. So in that spirit I was hoping somebody out there could help this tourist out. She ate a sausage while visiting NYC a few weeks ago, and hasn’t been able to get it out of her head since.

Hi Zach,

I have an unusual request. I returned from New York City a few weeks back. I was there from July 23 – Aug 1. While there I dined at a street vendor I believe was on 50th Street and 7th Avenue. It was just down the street from the Sheraton NY on 53rd. I think that it is one street down from the Jamaican Dutchy but I am not positive. It is just off to the left from the corner of 7th Avenue. I had the chicken served over rice with salad on July 31st. The food was amazing, however, this is not the reason for my email. A few nights prior to that I had a sausage on a bun and that is when I first met the gentleman that was working for the vendor.

The cost of it was $5 but he was kind enough to give it to us for $4 since that is all the money that we brought with us. He said that he is a science teacher and he works for the vendor only for the summer months. He talked about the museums and many spectacular sites New York City has to offer. I believe he was in his mid 40s, dark complexion, about 5’7″, and very handsome. My dilemna is that since I have returned to Canada I have found myself thinking about this man I met from time to time. However brief our meeting was, he has caught me by his presence. I am wondering if you can help me out by going to this place to find out the name and possible contact information for this man? I would be so grateful to you.

Sleepless in Canada

Ahhhhh… charmed by a summertime hot dog vendor. I love it. We must help this lady out. Anybody know which vendor she’s talking about?


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    If ever there was a post custom-made for such a comment, this would be it.

    That’s what she said.

  • Missed Connection: “Hi, I swallowed your sausage on the corner of 7th Avenue. Would love to try your meat and buns again”

  • I confess. It was me. Feel free to post your contact info. and I will be in touch(literally).

  • as if we needed more ammo on why canada sucks.(no, not that kind of sucks, perv.)

  • ….i think it was me.

  • theres a white sauce joke too………..but Mama would kill me.

  • $5 sausage? Cheap to her on the corner but kinda pricey there, Eh.

    Why didn’t she eat at 53rd/ 6th? Deterred by long line…

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    You were in NYC, how could you only have $4? And why spend it on that?

  • So many jokes already made and so many more to come. I love it.

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    Can we get a description on the said sausage?

  • the best the guy could make up is that he “really is a science teacher” just working the cart for the summer? he should have at least said he was an actor researching a part.

  • Well you know teachers are out during the summer. He probably didn’t want to or didn’t get summer school. Everyone gotta make a living. I’d work at a halal cart but they probably couldnt trust me during lunch and dinner time. I’m sure science teacher is not even close to a good pick-up story…

  • Nitrates are the new pheromones

  • Well, some people who live in Atlanta (and who have a distinctive gender confusion) pretending to be a cave MAN when actually sitting down in her single-wide to take a pee — the search for the perfect sausage has been a 50-year process, fraught with failure.

    But — back on topic — it is so refreshing that this wonderful lady in Canada (as are MOST ladies in Canada) is trying to do the “right thing”, so to speak. And the kindly NYC hot dog vendor who gave her the sausage has COMPLETELY changed my attitude about New Yawk City hot dog …. never mind.

    If only some of those “Bedrock” ball-busters (sorry, I meant ‘rock-busters’) would be so gracious.

  • To get an idea what DocChuck has to look forward to every night, allow me to present TingTong, who he often refers to as Elizabeth. Imagine the legendary bigfoot, remove a quarter to a half of the body hair, add breasts that hang like wrinkled curtains down to the knees, dress it in a dirty prison guard’s uniform, add halitosis and finally – crooked earth-tones teeth. There – now you don’t need (err want) lunch. And now you know (in part) why DocChuck is such a miserable person, and also why all the inbreeding in deep rural Arkansas is such a bad idea.

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    Could you two at least make this remotely interesting if you’re going to go through the trouble of pestering everyone? Trolls are supposed to be annoying and disruptive and the best you two can muster is droll and snooze-worthy.

    I say ban them both on grounds of lack of imagination.

  • Fred,Calm down, Yabba is a skidmark on the Calvin klein of food blogging.

    I don’t know why Zachova dosn’t boot him…….him and that annoying bloody brit.

  • absolute shill for the cart. you can’t fool me!

  • Has anyone offered to get this woman the sausage she needs?

  • Yeah, I heard that your obese boyfriend, David W. (if you can call a 437-pound used computer salesman from Clearwater) offered to give this woman his sausage.

    However, the lady lapsed into hysterics and told David, also known as ‘BigBear’, to feed the teenie weenie to Louise — right between her beautifully tattooed, 50-year old chunky artifacts.

    Now, Fred, go get some more Pavlov.

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