Ask ML: How Fattening is Soft Tofu Soup?

From the ML Inbox: “Question for you… I have been eating the soft tofu soup that Grace mentioned in her roundup of midtown soup spots several times a week. I have also put on a decent amount of weight in that time!!! Do you or her have any sense of how healthy/unhealthy soft tofu soup is?”


  • Soft tofu soup really should not be TOO bad. a quick google finds that theres about 200 calories per 300 grams, which equates to about 10.5 oz. Depending on what is in it (beef, chicken, seafood, etc), it will obviously vary. Tofu is pretty healthy for you. if anything, its the rice that you eat wiht it that may be the culprit. has this person considered other areas of their lifestyle for their “sudden” weight gain?

  • Its not the tofu. Its probably the 2 pints of Ben and Jerrys you put down each night.

  • If it’s the version from Cafe Duke it’s an obscene amount of food (even without the kimchee and rice). Maybe portion control is the issue. Eat about half, or try some North Korean food. I hear they’re much more svelt.

  • steveroller
    or try some North Korean food. I hear they’re much more svelt.

    Except cannibalism is generally frowned upon around here. ;)

  • Is there only one recipe for tofu soup or something?

    If the tofu soup is made with a ton of that chili oil, then I guess tofu soup can be pretty caloric. I’m thinking along the lines of the Ma Pau Tofu or something.

    Also, how much rice are you eating with the tofu soup, or any other sides for that matter…

  • excess estrogen can cause weight gain…. i think

  • Deanlo, thats a very good point. Soy has a lot of goitrogens:

    Perhaps an excess of Tofu and the resulting goitrogens has led to hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid), which would result in weight gain as well.

  • It’s not the tofu; it’s msg!!!

    I guarantee that there is msg in the soon du bu that you’ve been eating three times a week. It is much more cost efficient than making beef broth from scratch and makes it soooo delicious.

  • msg only makes you hungrier. it doesn’t directly make you fatter as long as you exercise some self control. which brings up another point

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    Agree with locondcoco, just don’t load up on the rice and the soup is pretty healthy for you (calorie wise at least…sodium wise probably not so great). The majority of calories from the soft tofu soup come from the tofu itself and since it’s silken tofu, it’s even less calories then regular tofu. Even if they use an entire block of silken tofu per serving, you’re still taking down less than 200 calories on the tofu itself….which in my book just means that it’s also time to crack an egg in that baby and get that second order of bulgogi!!!

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    i’m the one who asked that question…i think adamprato gets to the heart of it…sodium is issue with all soups…i think it’s the chili oil…i tell them very spicy at cafe duke and then there’s a thin layer of red oil floating at the top of my soup…agreed that the amount of rice they give is a bit much but it was the oil that prompted my email…i dont think they put any other oil in it – i think it’s just the chili oil. thx

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    Soft tofu soup is a low-carbohydrate soup with the combination of a wide range of ingredients such as Protein, the vital nutrient for optimal health. So soft tofu soup is a healthy and is good for our body.

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