Kwik Meal Cart Rolls into 2011 with Kati Rolls

Kwik Meal

We at Midtown Lunch love our kati rolls, and it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the Kwik Meal cart (on the SW corner of 45th and 6th). Up until earlier this week, kati rolls and Kwik Meal were mutually exclusive, but no more! Thanks to a tip off from ESNY in the forums, we learned that Kwik Meal recently started carrying these Indian delicacies, so I hurried over to 45th St and 6th Ave to check ‘em out.

Kwik Meal Kati Rolls
That photo looks really familiar

At long last, what is easily my favorite street cart (Kwik Meal), and what is easily my favorite street food item (kati rolls) are finally together, like a Double Rainbow of awesome things. The new kati rolls, which come in chicken or vegetable flavors, are $3.50 each or can be purchased as a pair for $6. Not only is the price the same as Biryani Cart’s, but the size is roughly the same as well. And they even used Zach’s photo of the Biryani Cart’s kati rolls on their sign (no photo credit, but it’s OK, we still love them). Interesting choice of signage aside, flavor was clearly going to be the only way to differentiate between the two.

Kwik Meal Kati Rolls

I dug both rolls equally as much – the vegetarian version was brimming with al dente bits of broccoli, green bean, peas, onions, tomatoes and other vegetable strata, slathered in Kwik Meal’s tasty white sauce, and tightly bundled into a buttery paratha. The richness of the paratha and the crunch of the vegetables make this a hearty and like-able handful of food, despite the lack of animal protein. The chicken roll was plump with tender cubes of peppery smoky chicken, peppy from the white sauce, and opulent from the well lubricated paratha. Though in hind sight I wish I had asked for a touch more of their acclaimed spicy green sauce.

It’s tough to claim allegiance to one roll over the other, but as much as I enjoyed Kwik Meal’s kati rolls I still found myself yearning for Biryani Cart’s version and their craveable je ne sais quoi of secret sauces and spices. I still love the lamb over rice at Kwik Meal, but Biryani Cart’s kati rolls are the still the best (for now). Has anybody else tried the new Kwik Meal kati rolls? Let us know what you think in the comments.


  • Double Rainbow is so 2010.

  • It sounds like I’m not missing out if I just go to Biryani Cart.

    They should do lamb kati rolls too. Come on now. :P

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    is the kwik cart on 3rd avenue still gone? last i heard their permit had expired which explained its disappearence.

  • I enjoy the Biryani Cart kati rolls, but all their food has the same spice thing going on, despite having different menu items. There’s very little variety in the flavor department over there.

    I look forward to equally good, yet different kati roll from Kwik Meal!

  • Chris H’s write-ups are highly reminiscent of Zach’s

    only more thorough, with accurate grammar & spelling, better attention to detail, higher quality photos and ability to properly use multisyllabic words and phrases

    otherwise, they are very similar

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    while i know it’s just a cart, biriyani’s service & wait sucks compared to kwik meal. looking forward to trying kw’s rolls.

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