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99% Vegetarian Cart Spotted Downtown: Speaking of Street Meat (or... uh... street meat-less?) the 100% 99% Vegetarian Cart that disappeared from 52nd and 6th Ave. has popped up in the Financial District. I guess the hot dog vendors finally got to be too much for them.  Sound familiar?

Breakfast Oatmeal Wars: Jamba Juice vs. Vegetarian Cart


I embrace breakfast for lunch (or snack for that matter) and I also embrace cheap. Earlier this year, Jamba Juice introduced $1 oatmeal Wednesdays. The promotion was supposed to only last through early February, but as of last week they were still doing discounted oatmeal, but now the going rate is $2. Is it still worth it?

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Healthy Vegetarian Cart Now 99% Vegetarian

99% Vegetarian Food Cart

Yesterday, as promised, I hit up the Famous Halal Guys and the Healthy Vegetarian Cart (both on 52nd btw. 6+7th) for a mashup platter and I discovered that the Vegetarian Cart is now sporting a 99% vegetarian food sign in recognition of their brand new grilled chicken lunch special. Yes, the vegetarians are now serving chicken…real chicken.

But before we get distracted by what to call a “vegetarian” cart that serves meat, let’s talk chili/street meat mashup…

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Famous Halal Guys and Healthy Vegetarian Cart Mashup?

Last week as I was studying the menu at the Healthy Vegetarian Food Cart, I noticed a familiar face–one of the guys from the Famous Halal Guys cart on 52nd and 6th (the former Shendy’s cart) was getting the hook up. I watched as the vegetarian guys topped off the Famous Halal guy’s chicken and rice platter with the “bean of the day” (it happened to be black eyed peas) and some sauteed veggies. Nice. While I can’t take credit for coming up with the Famous Halal Guys and Healthy Vegetarian Cart mashup, I can say that I support the idea and will be hitting up this combo myself soon. If you were to make your own Healthy Vegetarian + Famous Halal guys combo, what would it include?

How Do You Keep Vegetarians From Getting To Their Lunch? Park a Hot Dog Cart in the Way!

How Do You Keep Vegetarians From Getting To Their Lunch? Park a Hot Dog Cart in the Way!

Healthy Vegetarian Food Cart

A new cart popped up this morning on 52nd & 6th, and Lunch’er Yasmin sent in this report: “I was getting my daily fruit smoothie this morning when I noticed a new cart had been set up directly next to the smoothie truck on NW corner of 52nd and 6th. This DEFINITELY wont appeal to you, but might appeal to your vegetarian readers, or those on diets. Here are some crappy phone pictures…”

I was in the area when Yasmin emailed the photos, so I decided to swing by this new cart and found a “scene” that at this point should surprise nobody.

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